Modero MVP-5100 Touch Panel Firmware v2.66.32

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Modero MVP-5100 Touch Panel Firmware v2.86.5. ×

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Prerequisites: v2.66.21 or later must be installed

Changes in this release:

  • Resolved a memory leak issue that could potentially affect the responsiveness of the touch panel, and in some extreme cases cause the touch panel to become unresponsive.


Known Issues:

  • The time it takes from cold boot to when the panel displays its first page has significantly increased compared to version v2.66.32 (pre-International Fonts feature). The panel is still loading resources after the first page is displayed further increasing the time for the panel to react to the first button press.
  • Some fonts with incorrect or missing cmaps will not render the same on the on the panel as in TPD4.
  • Some large projects that used most of the available RAM will no longer load due to a decrease in available RAM to support the new font rendering engine. This typically results in the panel jumping to the setup pages but sometimes results in a black screen.
  • Some buttons with active touch will see the button respond to touches in the inactive area.
  • Function Show does not show on all buttons.
  • Panel will establish a connection to the master when the Master Port Number is 0.
  • Panel will sometimes connect to the master but display "Attempting via Ethernet" on the setup pages.
  • Transitioning out of Standby mode can take up to 45 seconds.
  • Panel will not connect using Dynamic WEP in Enterprise Mode.
  • Site Survey can be intermittently sluggish. This is corrected with a panel reboot.
  • WiFi channel reporting is incorrect on setup pages when the radio is set to France or Spain mode.
  • If the panel goes into a low battery shutdown mode while in Standby, the Sleep setting reverts to the minimum value.
  • Dynamic image support for the 5150 has not been added to TPD4. The user must create a 5200i project with the dynamic images and then download this project to the 5150.