Modero VG Series Touch Panels Firmware v2.86.23

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018

NXD-1200VG RGB Kit
NXD-1200VG Video Kit
NXD-1500VG RGB Kit
NXD-1500VG Video Kit
NXD-1700VG RGB Kit
NXD-1700VG Video Kit
NXT-1200VG RGB Kit
NXT-1200VG Video Kit
NXT-1500VG RGB Kit
NXT-1500VG Video Kit
NXT-1700VG RGB Kit
NXT-1700VG Video Kit


Firmware Revision History

  • Boot:
    • Delay added to boot to meet spec for large compact flash cards.
  • User Interface:
    • New touch calibration algorithm which provides more accuracy and corrects for nonlinear error in the touch overlays. The new algorithm adds more points to the touch calibration.
  • Setup Pages:
    • Added new calibration page compatible with the new touch calibration.