Novara 3000 Series ControlPads Firmware v1.2.57

Last Updated: Sep 28



  • DCS Application Versions 2.2.x to support web page download.
  • The default login on the original firmware was user:admin and password:1983. This password will be default on the web pages, although the user can change the password upon logging in. If the user resets the ControlPad to factory defaults after loading this firmware, the default login will be user:admin and password:1988.


Firmware Revision History


  • Added support for CP-RMS v1.0.71
  • Increased the RMS Proxy timeout to help eliminate offline false positives.
  • Fixed issue where schedule scripts by NTP were not being triggered.
  • Fixed subnet mask issues with DHCP servers that require the subnet mask parameter in initial DHCP request.
  • Fixed issue where 0x20 was shown as 0x00 in RS232 Output ports.
  • Fixed large serial data coming back from projector on matching queries. The problem manifests as scripts not running when buttons are pressed.
  • Fixed potential lockup issue when the keypad is hit with random UDP traffic.
  • Previously, the keypad could hang when generating the ICMP port unreachable response.
  • Fixed a lockup issue when the user disconnects from the telnet port after entering the username but before entering the password.
  • Fixed a lockup issue when a socket is opened to the DCS port and then immediately reset.
  • Fixed a lockup issue on the http port (80) when processing URL strings that exceeded 125 characters. Added more array bound checking to internal buffers and improved handling of socket return codes.


Known Issues


  • Large ICMP ping request packets can cause the keypad to hang. Ping packets larger than 256 bytes should be prevented from reaching the keypad.
  • Unintended TCP traffic to the web interface port (80 by default) can cause the keypad to hang. The user should disable the web interface via DCS if it is not needed.


Programming Information
To upgrade from firmware versions 1.0.xx to 1.2.xx you must firmware upgrade through DCS twice. The first upgrade loads the core firmware and the second upgrade adds the web pages.