NXA-WAP250G Firmware v1.0.6.0

Last Updated: Oct 02


New Features:

  • Adds WPA/WPA2 Security.
  • Fixes root failing to ping repeater if Root AP is power cycled
  • Fixes repeater not recovering connection if Root AP is powered down for over 20 minutes
  • Adds MAC filtering
  • Adds NULL check in CGI to prevent system crash if HTTP attack
  • Adds web UI for 11b only radio mode
  • Fixes wizard page wpa-psk setting
  • Adds VAP priority support
  • Fixes scan function in repeater mode
  • Fixes bug in static ip subnet mask
  • Adds settings of WEP key index and key length of wizard page
  • Fixes bug where Wizard did not set all WEP keys on VAP#2
  • Fixes WEP status feedback button
  • Fixes Repeater mode
  • Fixes not allowing country code cannot reset in GUI
  • Adds ability to select and store multiple WEP keys
  • Adds displaying of all MAC addresses on Details page
  • Fixes functionality of cancel button on setup wizard
  • Adds more detailed instructions to reboot page
  • Clarifies wording in setup wizard
  • Adds firmware upgrade progress bar
  • Adds exception list for MAC addresses
  • Fixes VAP Management priority for VAP1
  • Fixes functionality of subnet mask