RE-DM4/RE-DM6/RE-DC Radia Eclipse Master Firmware v1.28

Last Updated: Sep 28


Changes in This Release:

  • Added support for new RE-DC hardware (FG706-05, FG706-06, FG706-07)


Known Issues:

  • Curve 2 appears to only be ~5% power saving in Radia Eclipse, not ~10% as in older Radia.
  • Channel 145 (Active Preset Up channel) should not clear preset feedback if levels do not change
  • Channel 143 (All 100% channel) Feedback turns off if pulsed when Emergency Input is active and levels are already 100%
  • Channels 145/146 (Active Preset Up/Down channels) should affect levels the same as SEND_STRING for Active Preset Up/Down control
  • SEND_COMMANDs for Preset Ramp Up/Down - Designated Preset Ramping should affect levels the same way as Active Preset Ramping control