SVSI N2x41 Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v1.0.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: SVSI N2x41 Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v03.25.2015b. ×

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018

CHANGES in this release

  • Maintain aspect ratio is now off by default
  • Relaxed Analog Input Timing is now on by default
  • DVI output now defaults to RGB
  • Relaxed analog timing option added to encoders (off by default). Enable this feature if analog video input is not holding
  • International Latin character set is now handled in local play filenames
  • Additional screens feature added allowing user to change content protection screen and unsupported mode
  • Improved auto CSC mode
  • Sendser command now reports error if serial name not found
  • Command history no longer shows getNetStatus commands
  • SNMP Enable setting added to turn on/off SNMP. NOTE: Requires SNMP add-on be installed
  • Multiple changes to improve video latency
  • Encryption forced off when in N2121 Compatibility mode
  • Various bug fixes