UDM-0404 Firmware v1.00.06

Last Updated: Jan 10


Updates for this release:

  1. Added sync override - setup page allows three options, Common, On-green and Port. Common forces all ports to use common mode sync On-green forces all ports to use sync on-green and Port allows each port to be set individually. Default is all common.
  2. Correct user control error where setting the video types would clear the user control definitions. Definitions are now kept when changing types and re-arranged if necessary to accommodate the new types.
  3. Audio can now be muted across all ports using UDP command (25).
  4. Serial data transfer to and from Rx has been improved especially at lower baud rates.
  5. Fixed a problem with IE7 which could result in multiple key presses or mouse clicks and result in multiple schedule entries or erratic control actions.
  6. Fixed passthrough operation so 0404 does not enter passthrough mode unless enabled in user control.
  7. Removed user control pages from non-endeleo remotes.
  8. Audio 'popping' on switching and data transfer, especially on other ports when port 1 was being used for control transfers has been eliminated for ports set to analog audio.

Known Issues:

  1. Audio 'popping' is still present when using digital (SPDIF) audio.

Programming Information:

To upgrade unit, use SW_UDM0404_01A_v1_00_06.zip

To use feature 3) 'Mute' send command 25 per the UDM Protocol document via Serial or UDP:

  • 25,0,64 will mute all audio
  • 25,0,128 will enable all audio