Varia Touch Panel Firmware v1.11.24

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Varia Touch Panel Firmware v1.11.29. ×

Last Updated: May 31

Build Notes
All AMX Varia Touch Panels:

FG#: AMX-UTP0501, AMX-UTP0801, AMX-UTP0811, AMX-UTP1011, AMX-UTP1011N, AMX-UTP1511, AMX-UTP1511N

Firmware Version: 1.11.24
Build Date: May 5, 2023

Device Id | AMX Varia
0x0220 | VARIA-SL50
0x0222 | VARIA-SL80
0x0221 | VARIA-80
0x0223 | VARIA-100, VARIA-100N
0x0224 | VARIA-150, VARIA-150N

Prerequisites: None

Changes since firmware release version 1.11.16

AMX G5 Control Persona

* Resolved: ^APC command is accepting incorrect time format
* Resolved: ^APP command does not display all sideloaded apps
* Resolved: ^PPN panel driven command not working
* Resolved: Buttons having text word wrap issue
* Resolved: Disabling word wrap has no effect on button text
* Resolved: Panel's Device name gets filled with random MAC address after Factory Reset
* Resolved: Unable to play Multiple videos in a Subpage
* Resolved: Horizontal Listview Layout not displayed correctly with image on the right
* Resolved: Horizontal Listview secondary text component not shown if image component not selected
* Resolved: Listview Sort Data command (^LVS) cleared the list
* Resolved: Panel Wakeup string not updated after ^SWK command is sent
* Resolved: "Extend Meeting" in back-to-back meetings gives wrong pop up (RMS Scheduling)
* Resolved: Create, Extend or End meeting from panel shows wrong pop-up messages (RMS Scheduling)
* Resolved: Unable to retrieve TP5 file from panel
* Feature Request: Connectivity Status for NetLinx Controller
* Feature Request: NetLinx configuration via Manager software
* Shutdown command removed from G5

AMX Book Persona

* Resolved: O365 config defaults to client secret, even though client certificate was set from Manager software
* Feature Request: Full Microsoft Exchange calendar/panel configuration via Manager software
* Includes many Google Calendar fixes & improvements

Web Kiosk Persona

* Resolved: URL will revert to default after performing a reboot
* Feature Request: Auto-load URL once configured via Manager software
* Feature Request: Connectivity Status for Web Kiosk
* Feature Request: URL configuration via Manager software

Zoom Rooms Controller Persona

* ZRC app updated


* Resolved: Setup Wizard: At step 1, the UI will crash if you connect the panel to a master controller
* Resolved: Device number will reset to zero after doing "Save and connect"
* Resolved: Invoking settings from pin hole is non functional
* Resolved: Screen Timeout randomly reset to 30 seconds over time
* Resolved: After loading an old JSON file, files from USB directory becomes empty
* Resolved: Advanced Settings system inaccessible after loading saved JSON file
* Resolved: Device may double-reboot after FW Update
* Resolved: Date & Time is off after FW Update
* Resolved: Setting time to "12:01 AM" will show as "00:01 AM"
* Resolved: Panel will report synced with custom NTP even though it has not
* Resolved: Timeout reverted to 15 seconds upon returning to primary app
* Feature Request: Add support for system password HControl path
* Feature Request: Side LEDs should default to OFF for all personas except AMX Book
* Feature Request: Expose NFC "Last Tag Read" data to Settings page
* Feature Request: Add option to turn off LEDs during Screen Timeout
* Shutdown button removed from Settings


* This firmware also incorporates other previous hotfix items, including numerous minor bug fixes & feature requests

New Send Commands in This Release

* None

Known Issues/Requests

* Web Kiosk may have trouble with certain https websites / certificates
* Device ID Auto-Addressing may cause failed TP5 file transfers
* Load to USB & Save to USB buttons do not gray-out when USB drive is removed

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