Varia Touch Panel Firmware v1.11.7

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Varia Touch Panel Firmware v1.11.29. ×

Last Updated: Feb 13

Build Notes
All AMX Varia Touch Panels:

FG#: AMX-UTP0501, AMX-UTP0801, AMX-UTP0811, AMX-UTP1011, AMX-UTP1011N, AMX-UTP1511, AMX-UTP1511N

Firmware Version: 1.11.7
Build Date: January 30th, 2023

Device Id | AMX Varia
0x0220 | VARIA-SL50
0x0222 | VARIA-SL80
0x0221 | VARIA-80
0x0223 | VARIA-100, VARIA-100N
0x0224 | VARIA-150, VARIA-150N

Prerequisites: None

Changes since firmware release version 1.11.3

AMX G5 Control Persona

* Resolved: Panel loses custom UI and reverts to demo UI on reboot, power cycle and panel updates
* Resolved: AMXDIR is case sensitive and only "amxdir" (lower case) can be used
* Resolved: ^PKB - Cursor positioned at wrong location in the entry field
* Resolved: ^PKB/^PKP - Descriptive header missing from keyboard text entry box
* Resolved: ^NOT command minor issues
* Resolved: Entering Hostname for Controller IP/URL will display IP Address once saved
* Resolved: Dollar sign not shown bargraph
* Resolved: Initial attempt to access the Panel settings page after TP5 file transfer failed
* Resolved: ^BFB - Button feedback type can only be set via Port 1
* Resolved: ^BIT - String of text not sent to controller after pressing OK
* Resolved: Button text disappeared upon font change/update
* Resolved: Password protection prompt displayed prematurely for a button release
* Resolved: Embedded audio not heard if assigned to button OFF state
* Resolved: Need to press & hold button for embedded audio file to play through
* Resolved: Not getting visual feedback on Subpage button hit
* Resolved: Delayed audio feedback on button hit & miss sound
* Resolved: Gesture Swipes on a button register a Button Hit sound
* Resolved: No custom event for NFC tag read
* Resolved: Subpages placed in a subpage do not work
* Resolved: Disabling 'Touch Scrolling' does not prevent subpage scrolling
* Naming & text improvements
* Usability improvements
* Stability improvements

AMX Book Persona

* Resolved: Cannot edit Office365 Calendar accounts
* Resolved: Only first instance of a daily reoccurring meeting shows up
* Resolved: Calendar text transitions from Office365 to Lotus Notes after update
* Resolved: Pressing 'Password' field for Microsoft Exchange will navigate back to previous page
* Resolved: Saved Advanced settings JSON file not visible on attached USB drive
* Resolved: Meeting details visible on panel when private meeting was created from O365 web interface
* Resolved: Office365 Meeting Details Scrolling not working or details cropped
* Resolved: Calendar Selection Room List scroll bar disappears for Office 365
* Resolved: Unable to book the available room from BROWSE ROOM screen
* Resolved: Only 100 Rooms are fetched and shown in 'Select Calendar' popup
* Resolved: Late night meetings are pushed to next day
* Resolved: Clicking the [Verify] button with empty fields will disable the page
* Feature Request: Add "eye" icon for password unmasking
* Feature Request: Reduce calendar connection timeout to 60 seconds
* Remove App version shown on user facing page
* Naming & text improvements
* Usability improvements
* Stability improvements

Web Kiosk Persona

* Resolved: page stuck on ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED if loaded before the network is ready
* Remove App version shown on user facing page

Zoom Rooms Controller Persona

* ZRC app updated


* Saving VNC Server settings can appear misleading
* IPv6 Address is not displayed in About Panel Page
* Resolved: Select language in system tab not populating with list of available languages
* Resolved: Tapping AMX Control Settings button inadvertently taken to Netlinx screen
* Resolved: Unable to wake up panels in deep sleep after inactivity timeout
* Resolved: Unable to switch to AMX G5 Control or AMX Book Personas
* Resolved: [Enter] keystroke is getting added to the 'Password' field
* Resolved: Unable to exit the AMX Control Netlinx screen
* Resolved: Display timeout during FW transfer, file transfer, etc.
* Resolved: Previous USB contents displayed when new USB drive is plugged in
* Feature Request: Need to add Display Dim parameter
* Feature Request: Add the 24hr time format option to the Setup Wizard
* CloudworX Integration updates
* Naming & text improvements
* Usability improvements
* Stability improvements


* This firmware also incorporates other previous hotfix items, including numerous minor bug fixes & feature requests

New Send Commands in This Release

* None

Known Issues/Requests

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