Vision² Master Server v8.4.4100

Last Updated: Mar 14


  • Added Enzo as a supported STB for live channels and VoD (Enzo requires FW 1.6+ to connect to Vision2)
  • Added an offline function for STBs so that Vision2 will distinguish between STBs that are failing to report in and those that are intentionally offline. This is currently only available for Enzo.
  • Improved the performance of the STB functionality, allowing for operation of 100s of STBs
  • Changed the login screen so that the focus is automatically in the user name field
  • Changed the video upload functionality so that videos less than one minute can be uploaded
  • Resolved issues that caused the STB list to disappear
  • Fixed an issue that caused the VLC web plugin to show a box in the upper left corner
  • Fixed a large number of minor issues


Known Issues:

  • Some MP4 files which play back using VOD may not be compatible with producer service (these files should be re-encoded).
  • Full screen button not functioning when viewing live channels
  • View Full screen from dropdown does not always function
  • Schedule recording continuing to be record future scheduled recordings despite service disabled

Previous Versions

Previous Versions