Solutions: Conserve

AMX is at the forefront of building automation solutions by providing innovative tools that help our customers meet and exceed their green goals and mandates. In the government and military space, we understand the importance of cost-effective, simple and scalable solutions to reduce energy usage, promote conservation and utilize technology to automate tasks. We offer both hardware and software solutions to contribute to a brighter, healthier and sustainable future.

Control is a key component of AMX conservation solutions to allow users to automate their environment such as scheduling HVAC operations, managing lighting and controlling water usage. In addition, AMX solutions can remotely monitor and control power consumption for any device on the network. When integrated into building designs, control system hardware and software can be used as an integral resource in building automation systems to help conserve energy.

AMX solutions are also an integral part of achieving U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification for sustainable buildings. Our solutions can contribute a total of 9 LEED points in the following categories as well as help you meet your prerequisites.

Sustainable Sites

Water Efficiency

Energy & Atmosphere

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Remote Monitoring & Reporting

Resource Management Suite (RMS) Enterprise is a scalable client/server based software that provides remote management capabilities for AV assets and building systems. It offers a widget-based dashboard that includes visual bar graphs, hotlists and expanded device support — all to contribute to energy reduction initiatives and extend useful life of devices. Additionally, RMS Enterprise reduces SLA response times and equipment downtime.

Remote Reset of Devices

The innovative AMX Power Distribution Unit (PDU) offers both the ability to control the rack and the room while remotely resetting devices via a power cycle, reducing the need to send staff to a site. By managing power delivery, the PDU monitors energy consumption of each connected component and restricts power to any or all devices when not in use. This solution is an ideal for installations wanting to reduce usage costs and minimizing their carbon footprint by reducing standby energy usage by individually controlling outlets and allowing remote reboot.

Affordable Lighting and Room Control

The AMX Clear Connect Wireless Gateway connects AMX NetLinx Controllers with Lutron's Clear Connect Dimmers, Switches, Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors and Keypads. This solution is ideal for new and retrofit applications looking for the least costly way to add light and AV control to a room. The Gateway includes a web interface for simplified integration, configuration, and programming of Clear Connect devices. When integrated with a NetLinx Controller, installers have a simple and cost-effective path to offer smart room automation, occupancy sensing, scheduled shutdown and energy management.

Combined with Clear Connect System Dimmers & Switches, users can add lighting control to any room by utilizing dimmers and vacancy sensors to automatically turn lights off when the room is empty.

Simple, Cost-Effective Control through Metreau Keypads and Novara ControlPads

Metreau Keypads and Novara ControlPads offer simplified, cost-effective control for wall or podium-mounted locations. Pushbuttons can be programmed for device control and activity execution and the Metreau Keypad navigation wheel can control volume or dimming of lights. Novara Control Pads interface with AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) Software through an integrated Ethernet port giving users the ability to monitor, maintain and schedule connected rooms using RMS.