USB 2.0 Extension Cable


The USB Extension Cable is designed to be used with the Acendo Vibe Web Conferencing Sound Bar or the Sereno Video Conferencing Camera to ensure flawless audio and video quality in long cable run applications. There are two versions available, 16 ft. (5m) and 33 ft. (10m), and they can be combined for a maximum of 50 ft. (15m) of additional cable length from the Acendo Vibe/Sereno to the Acendo Core/PC. The USB Extension Cable has a female USB Type A connection on one end, and a male Type A USB connection on the other end. The active circuit built-in to the cable ensures spec-compliant signal integrity at full USB 2.0 bandwidth of 500 Mbps.


FG Numbers

FG10-2220-16 (16 ft)
FG10-2220-33 (33 ft)