NMX-ENC-N2151 Encoder (discontinued)

JPEG 2000 4K UHD Video over IP Encoder with KVM

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The NMX-ENC-N2151 4K Encoder and NMX-DEC-N2251 4K Decoder provide users with the industry's most versatile solution for distributing AV over a converged network at resolutions up to 4096×2160. JPEG2000 compression allows Ultra HD media to be switched and distributed over standard Gigabit Ethernet networks. Ultra HD signals from the NMX-ENC-N2151 encoder are provided simultaneously as: 1) a JPEG2000-compressed 200-600 Mbps stream through the RJ45 connector or small-form-pluggable (SFP+) port (10Gb), and 2) an uncompressed stream through the SFP+ connector (via a fiber module). Any source can be sent to any number of displays by routing through layer-3 switches. System scalability is limited only by uplink and stacking connector bandwidths.

Standard features like output scaling (decoder), bi-directional serial, IR output, embedded 7.1 audio, and KVM-over-IP extension are included. The NMX-ENCN2151-C and NMX-DEC-N2251-C form-factors are compatible with the NMX-ACCN9206 card cage for high-density applications.

Common Applications

The NMX-ENC-N2151 and NMX-DEC-N2251 together create the perfect solution for video matrix applications where resolutions up to 4K are required. Common applications include classrooms, conference rooms, performing arts centers, and sports bars.




  • Output Scaling — Video scaling at the output (decoder) allows seamless switching from any source, at any resolution, to any display or projector, while preserving video fidelity
  • Infrared (IR) — Infrared emitter connection allows control of low-cost, IR-only display devices
  • Onboard Control — All N-Series encoders and decoders have on-board, built-in control capability via events that can trigger any number of TCP/UDP commands to other IP controllable devices
  • Pass-through HDMI interface (encoder) — allows easy installation with local display such as desktop PC applications
  • Unlimited Scalability — Grow the video matrix by adding encoders or decoders as needed (within the bandwidth limits of the uplink and stacking connectors)
  • Stand Alone or Card — Available as a stand alone device, or card for use with NMX-ACC-N9206.


Digital Video Input HDMI, DVI-D, Dual-Mode DisplayPort (DP++); Both supported through passive adapter.
Analog Video Input HD-15 VGA, Component, supported through a passive adapter
Video Outputs Network video over Ethernet via RJ45 port or via 10G SFP+ port, HDMI, DVI-D (supported through passive adapter)
Video Formats HDMI, DVI-D (through adapter), Dual-Mode DisplayPort (DP++) (through adapter), HDCP content protection support, RGBHV, YPbPr.
Progressive Input Resolutions HDMI and DVI (Progressive), Minimum resolution of 1024x768, Maximum horizontal resolution of 4096 or a vertical resolution of 2160. See Data Sheet for details.
Interlaced Input Resolutions HDMI and DVI (Interlaced); 1920x1080@50Hz - 1080i50 (JPEG2000 only); 1920x1080@60Hz - 1080i60 (JPEG2000 only)
Analog Input Resolutions VGA, Minimum resolution of 1024x768, Maximum horizontal resolution of 1920 or a vertical resolution of 1200; Component, HD up to 1080p60 . See Data Sheet for details.
Audio Input Signal Types Embedded audio on HDMI (DVI-D through adapter) or Analog Stereo (Balanced or Unbalanced)
Audio Output Signal Types Ethernet, Embedded audio on HDMI or DVI-D (through adapter). See Data Sheet for details.
HDMI Audio Formats 8ch PCM
Analog Audio Formats Stereo 2-channel
Audio Analog-to-Digital Conversion 16-bit 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz
Latency Uncompressed: 25 ms at 60 fps, 50 ms at 30 fps, JPEG2000: 50 ms at 60 fps,100 ms at 30 fps. See Data Sheet for details.
Communications Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbps, auto-negotiating, auto-sensing, full/half duplex, DHCP, Auto IP, and Static IP; HDMI: HDCP, EDID management. See Data Sheet for details.
FG Numbers FGN2151-SA

NMX-ENC-N2151 Encoder (discontinued)

JPEG 2000 4K UHD Video over IP Encoder with KVM