DVX-2100HD Switcher Firmware v1.4.41

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2018


When downloading kit files from NetLinx Studio:

  • Upgrading DVX device firmware (usually device 5002):
    • a. use kit file SW1905_DVX_KIT_DVX_2100HD_SP_T_v1_4_36.kit Within the "Send to NetLinx Device" dialog box please check the "Reboot Device" check box before proceeding with KIT file download.
    • b. Starting with the release of V3_51_359, DVX utilizes an intelligent download feature that will skip any part of the DVX device firmware that has the same version as the firmware already loaded in the system. For example, the FGPA portion of the firmware will be skipped if there are no changes to it in the new release being uploaded. This in enabled by default. While it should not be necessary, the user can change the intelligent downloading settings by using the following telnet command in superuser mode:
      smart-downloading [enable|disable|status]
  • **Set Video/Audio to Default NEEDED if previous version is old than V3_51_364**
  • Set the Video setting to factory default after successfully completing the firmware downloads.
    • a. Record all current audio and video configuration settings, as the next steps will overwrite them.
    • b. Using the front panel press the "VIDEO MENU" button.
    • c. Navigate to "Revert to Default:NO" using the up arrow key.
    • d. When at the "Revert to Default:NO" menu item press the right arrow key once.
    • e. When asked "Are you Sure?" at the front panel, press the right arrow key to reset to factory Video defaults. The front panel will report back with "Defaulting Video"
    • f. Using the front panel press the "AUDIO MENU" button, then go through similar steps b,c and d to reset to factory Audio defaults.
    • g. Reset the audio and video configuration settings to those recorded in step a.


Changes in this release:

New Fixes:


  • Added ACK/NAK processes for sending and receiving messages with the master. This will allow us to be able to detect and resend corrupted messages


Accumulated Fixes from previous Hotfixes:


  • v1.4.33
    • Fixed VIDOUT_ON-ENABLE/DISABLE to enable and disable video on the correct output port.
    • Switching audio inputs with global mute on and a microphone input enabled will now keep audio muted through the switch.
  • v1.4.32
    • Fixed issue where switching from a high-resolution DVI input to an input with nothing connected would leave a frozen image.
    • Modified the operation of input gain mute (channel 143) such that changes to the associated gain level do not cause it to unmute.
    • Corrected an issue where the gain mute setting was not being retained for each input when switching audio.
    • Fixed an issue where values sent to LEVEL 1 were being returned 2-3 units lower.
    • Added the resolution 1280x800@60Hz to the default EDID table sent to connected VGA/DVI sources.
  • v1.4.29
    • Reduced amount of dropped ICSP messages by increasing size of internal message queue
    • Fixes issues regarding gain mute (channel 143) unmuting and not handling multiple inputs
  • v1.4.21
    • Improved VIDOUT_ON/OFF feature where DVX works in consistant way during source switching mode and test pattern mode.
  • v1.4.20
    • Fixed issues where HUE,Saturatioin values were not updated in web interface if that source was unselected(inactive).
    • Fixed issue where DVX send_command
      w/ FP access appears to stop NetLinx execution.
    • Fixed issue where DVX send_command 'VIDOUT_ON/OFF" worked with incorrect output port.
    • Re-enabled the level 36 & 37 for EQ band 6 & 7.
  • v1.4.36
    • Fixed issue where the switch would appear to accept a message from the NI controller yet would not perform the task. This was due improper handling of an internal exception which caused the video task to hang.

Previous Versions

Previous Versions