DXLink Transmitter Firmware v1.6.13

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018



  • Version 1.2.38 (or later) must be loaded on the DxLink-HDMI-TX/MFTX/WP/DWP to upgrade to this version
  • Version 1.9.10 (or later) must be loaded on the DXLINK-HDMI-RX to get the most benefit from this TX version
  • Enova DGX enclosures should have Enova DGX 8/16/32 Master FW v4.2.393 and Enova DGX 8/16/32 FW V1.6.4.1 (or later).
  • Enova DVX 3155 and 2155 version enclosures will need DVX-315x/215x Switcher Firmware v 1.4.11 (or later).
  • To allow communication/control from the DVX2155 or DVX3155 to the DXLink TX device, Ethernet on the DXLink Input(s) may need to be enabled. A DXLINK_IN_ETH-AUTO command may need to be sent to the DVX. Reference the DVX Operation Reference Guide for details.
  • NetLinx Studio V3.3 - Build 525

Features added in this release

  • None

Fixes in this release:

Fixes applicable to all devices:

  • Enhanced immunity to garbage video sources (improperly formatted digital video signals connected to HDMI inputs)
  • Fixed a problem that can happen when both VGA and HDMI sources/signals are present, and the AUDIN format is set to Analog Audio. In this case, a random issue can happen where Switching, FACTORYAV, Factory Reset, or Reboot may produce the wrong video format to be selected.
  • Fixed visible white streaks on OSD @ 576i resolution using composite mode.


  • Improved USB communication
  • Resolved problem associated with issuing duplicate USB commands
  • Fixed problem where certain Japanese keys were not working


Notable Points

  • PLEASE READ the documentation in regard to the DIP switches located on the bottom of the Tx/Rx modules before attempting to connect to the network

Programming Information

!!****Important – 2 Downloads of this kit file are required for this upgrade. A reboot of the transmission device is needed in between. Please follow the proceeding steps to complete this upgrade on DXLink Transmitter device!!****

  1. Transfer v1.6.13 kit file to the TX. If upgrading from versions earlier than 1.6.7, the upgrade will be aborted due to memory error. If so, complete steps 2 & 3.
  2. Reboot the TX device so v1.6.13 application can run.
  3. Transfer v1.6.13 kit file again so it can complete the Firmware transfer of the other components
  • Special Process Consideration for Applying upgrade to FG1010-300 only:
    For upgrading an HDMI TX (FG1010-300, AVB-TX-HDMI-DXLINK) from 1.1.xx to this version, a send command "FACTORYAV" or a telnet command "reset factory" is needed after the upgrade is completed.
  • Special Process Consideration for Applying upgrade to FG1010-310, FG1010-320-BL, FG1010-320-WH:
    The default preferred resolution within the Analog Input (HD-15) EDID set in v. 1.6.13 is 1920x1080P, 60. However if the previous firmware was v1.2.38 (or earlier) the previous preferred EDID resolution setting will continue to persist at 1920x1200,60. To make the new preferred EDID of 1920x1080P,60 take effect, one of the following steps must be taken:
    1. Issue a "FACTORYAV" to the device
    2. Issue a send command "VIDIN_PREF_EDID-1920X1080P,60"to port 8
    Note: To validate the preferred EDID setting, issue the send command ?VIDIN_PREF_EDID to port 8 Additional preferred resolutions may also be selected. See the DXLINK manual -> "Appendix E - Supported Input Resolutions"
  • PLEASE reference the DXLink Instruction Manual, (Appendix A -Upgrading the Firmware) for variations in A/V SEND_COMMANDS and responses between firmware revisions.