IS-XPT-2000 Firmware v1.9.4

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018

New with this release:


  • The player monitoring has been changed so that if it ever reaches an undesirable state, it will be restarted quickly and very reliably.
  • Player does not show missing variables on screen anymore.
  • Public variables and content playback with variables have been made more reliable.

Extended feed reel fields so longer feed data can be used.

Web Config
Changes to Web Config to handle large amounts of variables in the user interface.

RMS Alerts are now reliably showing on the player when sent from RMS.

Image File Support
Player now more reliably loads large images of various formats. More reliably downloads images from the internet and displays them.

Live Media
Live Media playback improvements to work with lower frame rate video and handle network disconnecting. Also channel changes in content are more reliably and do not affect other content.

Previous Versions

Previous Versions