IS-XPT-2100 Firmware v1.6.2

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018


  • IS-XPT-2100 Player
  • Acronis 2010 for loading the image onto a hard-drive

New with this release:

Device Driver
The player supports using an XDD (Device Driver) files to control devices connected to your system's serial port or TCPIP address. The device driver method provides the ability to use Serial or TCPIP connectivity, depending on XDD file contents referring to the device. The transport method is selected using a dropdown list. If TCPIP is selected, then the user needs to enter the IP address of the device.

Once the Device Driver method has been used, then this will be registered as an Asset with metadata, parameters and control methods in RMS, if the user has configured RMS, under the player gateway.

System Restore
The System Restore section is provided to help troubleshoot issues dealing with the Signage system not displaying content. There are two Restore severities to choose from as defined below:

  • Data Folder Wipe & Restore - Clicking on Restore Data Folder erases the player's data folder. The user will have to manually republish data (Playlists and TPKs) from the Composer server.
  • System Applications & Settings Restore - Clicking on Restore System performs a Data Folder Wipe and Restores most of the player settings to default. The user must republish any TPKs used (excluding the Architecture and Aurora TPKs) and any Playlists. The System Restore will NOT default the Network Configuration.


  • Added support for display control using AMX Device Drivers. When AMX Device Drivers are used, the player can register the display as an asset in RMS so that it can be controlled and monitored.
  • Added a player restore mechanism that allows the administrator to revert the content on the player to factory default content or perform a full system restore of content and settings.
  • Added support for templates to be defined with different frame rates.
  • Improved URL rendering on the player.
  • Resolved an issue with display output that could occur when the player is connected to a DGX.
  • Resolved an issue with Babel not starting.
  • Resolved an issue with Babel starting but not publishing any messages.


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Previous Versions