MIO-R3 ZigBee Module Firmware v3.01.05

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018



  1. When upgrading from any version less than v3.00, an upgrade to v3.00 must be performed first. Load the SW5795_92_MIOR3_ZIGBEE_MODULE_v3_00_00.tsk file first. If SW0148_11B_MIOR3_v3_00.tsk is accidentally loaded first, the radio will be unable to communicate with the host processor and cannot be upgraded. In this case, the host processor will have to be downgraded to an older version of the firmware and then upgraded again with the radio being upgraded first. Once the remote is upgraded to v3.00, the latest released firmware may be loaded in any order.
  2. For the proper operation of all devices, it is recommended that all devices be brought up to the most current firmware version.

CHANGES in this Release:

  • Resolved bugs with connectivity (R4/R3s falling offline and never coming back online)


Known Issues:

  • In some cases, the R3 power source will show as "Unknown" on the gateway web pages when the R3 is in its cradle. This issue does not impact the functionality of the remote or the gateway.
  • Setting the R3 device number to 0 can cause it to not be correctly recognized by the master.