NXA-AVB/RGB Firmware (1 Series) v1.12

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2019


The NXA-AVB/RGB Ethernet/RGB Breakout Box (FG2254-11) allows any of AMX's VG-Series Modero Touch Panels to accept and display both RGB or HDTV Component signals directly from an external source.

New Features: Enhanced speed on mouse and keyboard pass through (this feature requires Modero VG Series RGB Interface Card firmware v1.16 or higher)

Note: When working with firmware, it is important to note that version 1.xx of firmware should only be loaded onto boxes using 1.xx series firmware. The version 2.xx firmware should only be loaded onto boxes running 2.xx series firmware. To confirm the current firmware version, you can either navigate to the BOB Version field on the RGB Adjustment page or launch NetLinx Studio and open the Online Tree tab. Modero VG touch panel firmware 2.60.27 or higher is required to download v2.xx firmware into the break out box.