NXA-WAPZD1000 Firmware v9.

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


Changes in this release:

  • Ethernet port configuration. ZoneDirector provides new tools for configuring AP Ethernet ports, allowing administrators to set ports as access ports, trunk ports or general ports, to assign VLANs to ports, or to disable ports entirely from the ZoneDirector Web interface
  • Ethernet port security (802.1X port-based authentication).In addition to standalone APs, ZoneDirector-controlled APs can be configured to use 802.1X authentication on each Ethernet port. One or more ports can be configured with an Authenticator role. At most one port on each AP can be configured with a Supplicant role
  • Secure tunneling between AP and ZoneDirecto. With this release, tunneled traffic over the Ethernet interface between ZoneFlex Access Points and ZoneDirector can be encrypted. This AES encryption provides an additional layer of security for traffic transmitted over the wire, such as in some architectures designed to be PCI compliant
  • IPv6. ZoneDirector now supports IPv6 only and dual IPv6/IPv4 settings
  • Access Point groups. With this release, administrators can configure access points by grouping them in related sets. Administrators can define up to 8, 32, 256 or 512 groups in ZoneDirector 1000
  • Mesh enhancement. With this release, Ruckus Smart Mesh Networking is enhanced for large-scale mesh networks. A series of timers have been optimized to provide faster self-healing and mesh stability during link failures and uplink re-building
  • Improved ZD1000 upgrade file management process to address storage limitations and ensure that enough space is available for the new image when the ZD 1000 is filled with other data (such as configurations, dump files, etc.)

Known Issues:

  • If a manually selected channel should no longer be allowed for a certain country code (due to changes in regulatory rules on allowable channels), the fixed channel configuration will be changed to "auto" after upgrade. (ID 17925)
  • Available 11an channels differ between AP and ZoneDirector when country code is set to Colombia (APs display more channels available than ZoneDirector). (ID 21255)
  • ZoneDirector-controlled ZoneFlex 7300 series Ethernet ports may fail to prioritize voice/video packets correctly when the port is connected to a switch port set to 100m full duplex mode and the port is congested
  • If ZoneDirector is set to obtain a dynamic IP address from DHCP, it may send the incorrect IP address to APs after the DHCP lease has expired
  • ZoneDirector 1000 does not support IPv6
  • An AP set to IPv4 only mode that joins a ZoneDirector 1000 will be set to dual IPv4/IPv6 mode after joining, despite the fact that ZoneDirector 1000 does not support IPv6. (ID 21710)