NXA-WAPZD1100 Firmware v9.

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018



  • ZoneDirector 1100
  • Changes only applies to the ZD1100 (not the ZD1000).
  • The ZD1100 must be at or later to accept the upgrade.

What’s New in ZoneFlex Software Release 9.5:

  • This application note describes the new features available in Version 9.5 of the AMX Wireless family. This document assumes familiarity with the AMX Wireless product line and the features of earlier releases including version 9.4.

Highlights of this Release:

  • Software release 9.5 provides Enterprises, HotZone Operators and Managed Service Providers a higher performing, more reliable, and easier to deploy and use way of providing wireless access to diverse groups of users across multiple locations. The few features and enhancements in this release include:
    • Transmit Beamforming
    • DHCP Relay
    • Proxy ARP and ARP Broadcast filter (per SSID for tunnel and AP)
    • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Pass point™ support (802.11u/Hotspot 2.0)
    • WMM-AC
    • Device Policy Enforcement
    • Customizable Channel Range Control
    • Performance Analysis with RF Pollution
    • TACACS+ Support for ZoneDirector, Access Points and FlexMaster
    • FlexMaster Improved Reporting Fidelity
    • FlexMaster High Availability