NXR-ZGW NetLinx ZigBee Pro Repeater Firmware v3.01.05

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2018



  1. This upgrade will require two loads of the file SW5791_01A_NXR_ZGW_v3_01_13.kit. The first load will fail after the third file is transferred with the NetLinx error message "Transfer Aborted- Unsupported file type." After getting this error message, reboot the gateway and verify that the NetLinx OnLine Tree shows v3.01.13 for the version on the gateway. Transfer file SW5791_01A_NXR_ZGW_v3_01_13.kit to the gateway a second time with the "Reboot Device" box checked in NetLinx. This time the entire kit file will transfer. After the gateway reboots, it will download the firmware to the radio. This will take approximately two minutes.
  2. Load SW5795_92_ZIGBEE_END_DEVICE_v3_01_05.kit - a gateway reboot IS NOT necessary after sending this file.
  3. Load SW5791_07_ZIGBEE_REPEATER_v3_01_05.kit - a gateway reboot IS NOT necessary after sending this file.


New Features:

  • The radio builds have been broken out of the gateway kit file. Each radio has a separate kit file that must be loaded onto the gateway - SW5795_92_ZIGBEE_END_DEVICE_vX_XX_XX.kit and SW5791_07_ZIGBEE_REPEATER_vX_XX_XX.kit. This was done so that changes made to any one of the radio builds may be loaded onto the gateway without rebuilding the gateway kit file. The file SW5795_92_ZIGBEE_END_DEVICE_vX_XX_XX.kit contains the radio firmware for over the air upgrades for the R3 and R4. The file SW5791_07_ZIGBEE_REPEATER_vX_XX_XX.kit contains the radio firmware for over the air upgrades for the NXR-ZRP-PRO Repeater.


CHANGES in this Release:

  • Resolved bugs with connectivity (R4/R3s falling offline and never coming back online)
  • Added support for the "DEVICE_WAKE" NetLinx command
  • Resolved several minor gateway web page bugs
  • Added support for the Get Time function


Known Issues:

  • On systems that have one gateway and no repeaters, the gateway or remotes can become inoperable under extreme amounts of traffic (for example, 30 messages every two seconds to each of six remotes). Rebooting these devices will bring them back online.
  • Setting the gateway device number to 0 can cause it to not be correctly recognized by the master.
  • The gateway does not currently support NDP mode for master connections.
  • In high traffic situations remotes can appear on the gateway commissioning page, even though they are commissioned. This has no impact on the actual operation of the remotes.
  • In some cases, the R3 power source will show as "Unknown" on the gateway web pages when the R3 is in its cradle. This issue does not impact the functionality of the remote or the gateway.