NXV-300 Modero Virtual Touch Panel Firmware v2.1.26

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018


Changes in this Release:

  • Added schedulable weekly maintenance reboot feature. Once the day and hour are set, the reboot will occur on the 1st minute of the day and hour that was set. The default schedule is Monday 1:01 a.m. To change the schedule, telnet to the NXV-300 and at the prompt type; weekly reset <day> <hour> ;
    where <day> is 1-7. 1 is Mon, 2 is Tues, 7 is Sun, etc.
    <hour> is 0-23. 0 is Mid, 1 is 1am, 13 is 1pm, etc.
    To disable weekly maintenance reboot type; disable reset.
    To enable weekly maintenance reboot type; enable reset.
    To retrieve the weekly reset information type; get reset.
  • As part of routine security enhancements, further security measures added to resolve minor vulnerabilities

Known Issues:

  • In page tracking mode, when the "Sleep" button (with "0-loop back port") of the NXV-300 is clicked using the USB mouse, the NXV-300 may switch between sleep mode and wake mode. This feature also appears to cause other panels connected to the same master to permanently go to into sleep mode.
  • The master settings are still applied even though the "Cancel" button in "System Settings" page was pressed.
  • It is observed that either doing a "Reset System Settings" in the "Protected Setup" page or downloading the full kit to the NVX-300 in 480x272 resolution, the NVX-300 boots up with 800x480 resolution.
  • The text "Bonjour" is missing in the "Device Name" alpha numeric keyboard in the Title position.
  • The display timeout feature is not available.
  • The "Connect Count" in the "G4 Web Control Settings" page is not reliable.
  • The Protected Setup page "Password" is not case sensitive when it is entered using Desktop "Keyboard".
  • The Connection Status Symbol shows up in red color when the NXV-300 connects in URL(UDP) or NDP(UDP) while in DHCP mode, even though Netlinx Studio shows that it is connected to the master.