UDM-RX02N Firmware v1.46

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019



UDM-0808-SIG firmware v0.70

When downloading kit files from NetLinx Studio:

  • Within the "Send to NetLinx Device" dialog box please check the "Reboot Device" check box before proceeding with a KIT file download to UDM devices.

Upgrading from v1.38 or higher to v1.46:

Files Required:

SW1402_RX_v1_46.KIT - KIT for UDM-RX02N v1.46

  • Any UDM-RX02 (not UDM-RX02N) must be disconnected before firmware transfer to the UDM-0808-SIG. Failure to do so may result in a UDM-RX02 that is unresponsive and requires service.
  • Download the SW1402_RX_v1_46.kit to the UDM-0808-SIG. After reboot the UDM controller transfers the RX02N firmware to each port in succession, this will take ~20 minutes.

New for this release:

  • Driver support for AMX (R1) remotes added, R1 can be supported as native AMX codes (RPMIO) or as mapped endeleo codes (RPMIOR1)
    • This is enabled via the new 'MIO' receive mode set via the 'RP' command.
      • Example: SEND_COMMAND dvRX, "'RPMIO'"
      • Configures the Rx to use the standard AMX IR codes.
      • Note: Avoid using toggling functions when using the RX as an IR receiver. Due to limitations in the RX communications, holding a button results in multiple pushes and releases instead of a push/hold/release.
      • RPAMX and RPENDELEO are still supported, but are somewhat confusing because of the labeling on the remotes.
      • RPMIOR1 maps the MIO SNAPI channels to endeleo remote channels for compatibility with other endeleo remotes
  • Added blink packet to improve RX02N detection
  • Reworked packet timing on backchannel to improve serial port performance
  • Improved PLL operation to fix string problems if they started with "$02" and ended with "$03".
  • RX02N commands added:
    • ?SB - return brightness setting for a device
    • ?SS - return sharpness setting for a device
    • ?SK - return skew compensation settings for a device
  • SD<cable distand>T<cable type> command now updates levels 10 (brightness) and 13 (sharpness) if they are changed by the command.

Known Issues:

  • Do not mix old firmware RX02Ns with new firmware 0808s, or vice versa. This will result in poor communication between the RX and the hub. Update the RX02Ns to match the 0808 to which they are connected.
  • UDM-RX02N should have skew inquiry commands that match the DVX-RX02N
  • RX02N may incorrectly report version via ?FWVERSION query