Enova® DGX DXLink™ Multimode Fiber Output Board, Duplex

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The DGX-O-DXF-MMD is a DXLink Fiber output board with field serviceable SFP modules designed for use with multimode fiber, and is compatible with the Enova DGX 8, 16, 32 and 64 Digital Media Switcher Enclosures. Use it as part of an integrated system to transmit audio, video, control and Ethernet over multimode fiber from up to 300 meters to a DXLink Receiver. Fiber uses light to send data, rather than electric signals making it both the highest quality and most secure way to transmit video as it is not susceptible to electronic noise or non-intrusive physical wiretapping.

Use the Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher in conjunction with DXLink Transmitters and Receivers (twisted pair and/or fiber), connect a DXLink Transmitter to a PC and a DXLink Receiver to a keyboard and mouse, the system then emulates commands from the receiver back to the PC. For a list of HID devices which have been tested and found to be working well with the latest firmware please view the document “DXLink HID Keyboard and Mouse Supported Devices”.

Common Applications

The Enova DGX DXLink Output Board is ideal for applications where the demands of high-resolution video clarity, long distance transmission and maximum security need to be met without compromise including campus-wide distribution of sources that are shared between classrooms, secure military applications, casinos, arenas and museums.

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  • HDCP Compliance Over Fiber – Transmit HDCP compliant video including HDMI up to 300 m
  • Industry Leading Data Rate – DXLink is leading the way with an optical transport rate of 10 Gbps
  • Secure and Isolated – Fiber inherently provides extra security and electrical isolation making it the transport method of choice for many mission-critical secure environments
  • Field Serviceable Fiber Modules – Easily remove and replace SFP modules in the field


FG Numbers FG1058-632

    DXLink™ HDMI Multimode Fiber Receiver, Duplex