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DR-2DM1A is a two-channel trailing-edge dimmer module designed to be mounted on a standard DIN rail. Each of its dimming channels is capable of loading up to 330W and is suitable to dim   LED lamps, halogen bulbs, etc. DR-2DM1A is engineered to deliver stable performance and is protected from short-circuit, overload and over-temperature.


  • Designed for standard 35mm DIN rail installation [Space Occupation: 4P (per P:18mm)].
  • Feedback LED indicators for each channel.
  • Two independent channels and each loads up to 330W.
  • Each channel works under peak, valley and maximum limits and is capable to handle different load types.
  • Initial status value of each channel can be customized after restarting the module.
  • Two connectors provided for external control keypads.
  • Each channel has its own label and is stored in the module.
  • Over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection and overload protection.
  • Trailing-edge sinewave dimmer based on Bi-CMOS technology.
  • Online upgrading and programming.
  • DR-Link communication interface.


Load voltage AC 220V±10%
Power Supply DC 24V 100 mA
Output Channels 2 trailing-edge dimming channels
Control interface 2 × DR-Link
Channel load capacity 330W 1.5A
Protection An extra circuit breaker is needed
Installation Standard 35mm DIN rail
Operating Temperature / RH 0˚C - 45˚C / 20% - 93% RH
Storage Temperature / RH -40˚C - +55˚C / 10% - 93% RH
Dimensions (L x W x H) 72 mm × 98 mm × 68 mm
Weight 280 g/pcs