MyTurn™ Source Selector Receiver

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The HPA-MYT-RXMyTurn MyTurn Source Selector Receiver works with the MyTurn Source Selector Button to enable a simple solution for users to send their device's content to the display during a meeting or classroom session.

The HPA-MYT-RX plugs into an I/O port on an AMX Solecis SDX Digital Switcher or other AMX control device to receive the signal when a MyTurn Source Selector Button is pressed. When used with the Solecis SDX, MyTurn provides a simple switching solution that can be implemented with no programming.

MyTurn is simply the easiest way to switch among devices during a meeting or class.


  • This solution is perfect for any meeting space or classroom where people view content from multiple devices by switching between them
  • Optimal for active learning environments where multiple students are connected simultaneously
  • Provides an economical switching solution when coupled with the Solecis SDX Digital Switcher


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  • Switching Right at the Device - Participants can send their content to the display at the press of a button without moving from their seat
  • Support for up to Eight MyTurn Buttons - Ideal for small to medium groups
  • Solecis SDX is MyTurn Ready - No Need to Program when used with Solecis, reducing cost and simplifying implementation


FG Numbers FG554-23

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