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The HPA-MYT-TX MyTurn Source Selector Button is a button that connects to the end of a retractor cable that a user presses to send the content on their device to the display. When pressed, the button transmits a signal to a receiver that plugs directly into an AMX switching device such as a Solecis SDX, Enova DVX, or NX Series Controller. When used with a Solecis SDX, simple switching can be implemented with no programming.

The MyTurn Source Selector Button clips into the specially designed groove built into the connector housing of HydraPort Modules with Retractable MyTurn Cables. With a long-life internal battery, MyTurn buttons are simple to deploy on any MyTurn Ready cable and highly scalable to fit any application. The receiver module plugs into an I/O port on a Solecis SDX Digital Switcher or other AMX control device. Each receiver can accommodate up to eight MyTurn Buttons, making the solution easily scalable for larger applications.

MyTurn Source Selector Buttons briefly illuminate when that specific device is selected, making it easy to control the content sent to the display at any given time. This makes MyTurn the perfect solution for project team meetings or group learning sessions involving several participants.

MyTurn is simply the most convenient way to switch among devices during a meeting or class.


  • This solution is perfect for any meeting space or classroom where people view content from multiple devices by switching between them
  • Optimal for active learning environments where multiple students are connected simultaneously
  • Provides an economical switching solution when coupled with the Solecis SDX Digital Switcher


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  • Illuminated Button on the Cable Connector – Quick and easy to select my device when it’s MyTurn
  • Switching Right at the Device – Participants can send their content to the display at the press of a button without moving from their seat
  • Support unlimited number of MyTurn Buttons – MyTurn is highly scalable as each MyTurn receiver supports 8 MyTurn Buttons
  • Solecis SDX is MyTurn Ready – No Need to Program when used with Solecis, reducing cost and simplifying implementation
  • Perfect Fit with MyTurn-Ready AMX Cables either in retractor modules or standalone – The housing on all new AMX retractable cables include a special clip that’s designed to easily accommodate the MyTurn button


FG Numbers FG554-21

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