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XPort Data Integration Software

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Organizations that need to display data from a variety of sources on digital signs or other devices are challenged because each data source has a unique way of accessing it. For example, the way an RSS feed is accessed is different from the way data is extracted from a CSV file.

XPort Data Integration Software provides a solution to this challenge by providing a central point for data feed aggregation, with plug-in feed handlers that are responsible for extracting data from a particular type of data source. Once the data is extracted, it is published as a standard XML output, which can be accessed by signage players or other devices without each device needing to have native support for the original data source. The software can be operated on any compatible server. See specification for details.


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  • Plug-In Architecture – XPort is built with a plug-in architecture for feed handlers, allowing XPort to support a growing variety of data sources.
  • Single Data Access Point – XPort presents the output of all feeds in a standardized format, making it the one location all devices go to for data. Any device that can parse XML data from a web server can access XPort.
  • Feed Dashboard – Quickly see the status of all feeds managed by XPort.
  • Configure Feeds Easily – Feed handler plug-ins are written so that the user only has to enter the configuration information required to access the data source.
  • Integrates Directly with AMX Inspired XPert – Point an Inspired XPert digital signage player at XPort, and the player will be presented with a list of available feeds that the administrator can display on the digital sign.


Note: You should ensure that you have rights to use any data sources fetched by XPort, including those data sources supported by AMX-provided feed handlers. AMX assumes no liability or responsibility for inappropriate or illegal use of data sources. Customers using XPort Data Integration Software with Inspired XPert players must load Architecture.tpk version 3.6.7 or greater on those players.


FG Numbers FG1201-10
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XPORT-SERV-100 (discontinued)

XPort Data Integration Software