Enzo Firmware v1.8.8

Last Updated: Mar 15

V2 server version 8.4.4100.314 (required for integration of TV app with Vision2)

Changes in this release:

  • Added MirrorOp Sender download links to Enzo.
  • Added MirrorOp start screen layout and font settings.
  • Added Single App Mode Watchdog to improve App stability.
  • Disabled Dropbox by default due to Dropbox API deprecation in June 2017.


Known Issues:

  • After resetting settings on Enzo, Dropbox will be enabled by default, even though it is disabled by default beginning with version 1.8.8.
  • Due to the size of the firmware updates, Netlinx Studio is unable to send updates to Enzo.
  • Enzo can experience lip sync issues when playing Vision2 producer channels that are comprised of both live and VoD content. This lip sync issue occurs after numerous hours of continuous playback. If a mix of live and on-demand streaming content needs to be played on Enzo, there are two options to avoid lip-sync issues: 1) use Netlinx to restart the producer channel playback every four hours or 2) only use VoD content in a producer channel and use Netlinx to switch Enzo between the producer channel and the live source.
  • Enzo can experience lip sync issues if the Vision2 producer channels are stopped and started while Enzo is playing back the channel. This can occur if the producer channel is manually restarted or if the Vision2 server is rebooted. If this occurs, the producer channel playback on Enzo will need to be restarted, which can be done by switching away from the channel and back to it.
  • Live streams with a codec change mid-stream are not supported on Enzo.
  • Enzo does not support accessing content via proxies.
  • Incorrect IP address shown in NetLinx Studio. In some rare occasions, the IP address for Enzo will be shown as in NetLinx Studio. This does not impact any functionality of the unit because NetLinx Studio and NetLinx masters are still able to connect to Enzo using the actual Enzo IP address.
  • Some mobile devices can be configured to operate as USB mass storage devices. Enzo may not recognize these devices as USB drives, and so documents stored on these devices may not be viewable on Enzo.
  • If the administrator disables an application that is listed as a favorite on the Enzo home screen, that app will still be listed as a favorite. To prevent access to apps, administrators will need to both disable the application and remove it as a favorite.
  • The Enzo web UI and Netlinx commands allow invalid passcodes to be set on Enzo. The valid passcode range is 1000 to 9999. Setting the passcode less than 1000 is equivalent to disabling the passcode. If an invalid passcode is set via the web UI, it will revert to the previously set valid passcode following an Enzo session re-start.
  • If the administrator presses ESC after setting the MirrorOp background image, the new image will only be shown after a session is restarted.
  • Internet Explorer 11 may not give the user the option to hide the tutorial in future sessions.


Supported Application Known Issues:

  • When using the Firefox browser, issues have been seen with Google Drive and other sites when using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • When using the Firefox browser, main page navigation is slow and unable to load spreadsheets when working with Google Drive.
  • When using the Firefox browser, it may occasionally crash while watching YouTube videos.
  • When using the Firefox browser, audio persists when returning to the Home screen while watching a YouTube video.
  • The MirrorOp sender on Mac OS X can crash when used on versions 10.9 and earlier.
  • When using the MirrorOp app, Disconnect All can result in Mac senders automatically reconnecting if the MirrorOp passcode is set to none.
  • When sending MirrorOp content from a Windows PC, the scroll wheel on the Enzo mouse cannot be used to control the PC. In this case, users will need to navigate without the scroll wheel or use the scroll wheel on the PC mouse.
  • Enzo is capable of accurately rendering PowerPoint documents, including animations and transitions; however, there are some items that do not render as expected on Enzo:
    • Windows Metafiles (.wmf) and Enhanced Windows Metafiles (.emf) embedded in a PowerPoint do not display
    • Text inside a rotated shape is not rotated
    • Videos embedded in a PowerPoint do not play
  • Using the up and down arrows during a presentation results in very slow slide transitions. Using the Enter key will advance slides immediately.
  • Returning to the home screen during a presentation leaves the presentation viewer in a state where new documents cannot be opened. If this occurs, the current Enzo session will need to be ended and a new session will need to be started.
  • If the scroll wheel is used to move the presentation to the first slide, continuously scrolling up will result in multiple transitions to the first slide. All transitions will need to be run through before the presentation can be advanced to the next slide.
  • The Word document viewer can become non-responsive when clicking on more than one embedded URL in the document. If this occurs, the current Enzo session will need to be ended and a new session will need to be started.
  • Some Word documents will not open to the first page. When this occurs the user is still able to scroll to the top of the document.
  • Enzo will not open macro-enabled Excel spreadsheets (.xlsm).
  • In some rare cases, the office document viewers will ask for registration. This is a purely optional registration and can be skipped by the user. Once registered, this will not occur again on a unit.
  • Large PDF files can sometimes render slowly on-screen. This results in a delay from the time the user selects a PDF file to view and the time it takes to appear on-screen.

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