Inspired Composer Server v5.6.4103

Last Updated: Mar 14


  • Windows 2003 or 2008 OS.
  • Modest 3D graphics card for preview facility (may be on a remote machine)
  • Silverlight 3.0 or later (on client machine)
  • SQL Server 2005 or better
  • .NET 3.5 or better
  • IS-Player-200 running player v3.2 or better (for content playback)
  • Player 3.4 or 3.6 (i.e. Xpert) is recommended.
  • DM 1.6.4 required for logging of message plays and rendering of web pages.


New with this release: 

  • New publishing mechanism using queuing mechanism
  • Publishing of binary files no longer dependent on COM plugins.
  • New Quick Preview
  • Client and server side memory leaks fixed
  • Numerous UI improvements to enable large installations to be managed
  • Remove installation dependency on License manager (installer)
  • New Advanced Installer technology replaces the current WIX installer.
  • Installs to IIS (no more cassini based web server required).

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