IS-XPERT-MGMT (discontinued)

Inspired XPert Management Suite

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Inspired XPert Management Suite includes both Inspired Composer Server Software used to manage digital signage content and Inspired XPort Data Integration Software used to aggregate and parse data feeds to Inspired XPert digital signage players. This combination provides on-the-spot editing, publishing and delivery of content (locally or globally) including real-time internet content like weather, stock tickers, and news - to every display. Click here to learn more about the Inspired XPort component of Inspired XPert Management Suite.

Inspired Composer Server software installs on an Enterprise server. It can run multiple players, and is available in two editions to provide support for 10 or 50 simultaneous users. Inspired Composer Server works best for larger implementations where multiple people are responsible for creating and managing content and publishing. One Inspired Composer Server license is required for each server that will manage Inspired XPert players in the deployment.

Composer Version 5.4 Update

Version 5.4 is the latest version of Inspired Composer 5 and simplifies two key tasks for users: creating and managing content, and monitoring and managing the digital signage network. Version 5.4 adds several new features including playback log reporting, displaying an image from a URL, improved editing features such as highlighting message changes and a larger template preview, plus more capabilities for scheduling messages.

New Features in Composer 5.4:

  • Message Play Reporting - Retrieve message play data from one or more players to track message effectiveness and audit message playback
  • URL Displayed as an Image - include an image in a message by simply typing a URL
  • Improved Approval Screen - The approval screen now highlights items that have been changed so that changes are easier to identify
  • Larger Editing Preview Window - Bring up a larger template preview when editing a message to better see which fields are being edited in a message
  • At-A-Glance Player and Publish Point Information - See software version for each player on the Players screen in order to easily identify any that may need a software upgrade. On the Publish Points screen, see any player's IP address and playlist count as well as the number of items under each Publish Point


Note - To use the new features of Composer 5.4, your IS-XPT-2000 player firmware must be updated to version DM1.6.4 or higher available on Composer 5.4 is compatible with older firmware versions, but the new features require the update. Current Composer 5 users can upgrade to Composer 5.4 at no additional cost. Users of older versions of Composer will need to purchase a new license.


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file type icon Instruction Manual - Composer 5.6 - Server Edition
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platform icon XPort Data Integration Software
version 1.3.144, updated: Mar 2018
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platform icon Inspired Composer Server
version 5.6.4103, updated: Mar 2018
5.6.4103     259 MB Mar 2018
User Guides
file type icon Composer End User Guide - Inspired XPert
updated: Mar 2018
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Quick Reference Guides
file type icon Reference Guide - Composer 5.4 - Desktop Edition
updated: Mar 2018
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Install Guides
file type icon Installation Guide - Composer 5.4 - Desktop Edition
updated: Mar 2018
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file type icon Upgrade Guide - Composer 5.x to 5.6 - Server Edition
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file type icon Installation Guide - Composer 5.6 - Server Edition
updated: Mar 2018
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Network And Security Guides
file type icon Network and Security Guide - Inspired XPert
updated: Mar 2018
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file type icon AMX AV/IT Administrator's Guide
updated: Oct 2020
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  • Simplified Content Editing - Selecting a layout or adding text, image, or video content to a message is a simple as filling out a web-based form
  • Various Content Permission Levels - Workflow management tools in the Inspired Composer Server software allow different levels of authorization to change and publish content
  • Simple Setup - Web front-end allows simple configuration settings, plus wizards have been added for the most important settings to simplify installation and use of Inspired XPert
  • Active Directory Authentication


FG1200-11K includes:

  • (1) IS-COMP5-SERV, Inspired Composer Server License 10 User Edition
  • (1) XPORT-SERV-100, XPort Data Integration Software (FG1201-10)


FG1200-12K includes:

  • (1) IS-COMP5-SERV-50, Inspired Composer Server License 50 User Edition
  • (1) XPORT-SERV-100, XPort Data Integration Software (FG1201-10)



FG Numbers

FG1200-11K (10 User Edition)
FG1200-12K (50 User Edition)

HARMAN Professional Solutions:

IS-XPERT-MGMT (discontinued)

Inspired XPert Management Suite