HARMAN Government Solutions - Reliable, Trusted and Proven Secure

HARMAN provides world- reliable, secure solutions to government and military agencies around the world. Our products are trusted in mission critical applications and relied upon daily in installations across the globe. From signal routing andcentral control distribution, HARMAN manages signals that adhere to strict security protocol. Features like central user management, user and device authentication and authorization, audit logs and reporting, make HARMAN systems secure, accountable and simple to manage.



Security and Defense - Mission critical AV applications in security and defense require a special breed of technology innovation. HARMAN solutions have been tested to the most rigorous military and government standards, achieved stringent government and military security certifications and are relied upon daily in many of the world's most demanding facilities.

Command. Control. Communicate. Conserve - HARMAN audio, video, lighting and control technologies deliver efficient, reliable and secure solutions. Common applications include: command and control, situational awareness, training and simulation, SCIF briefing, emergency operation centers, healthcare & medical, surveillance & security, and geospacial/intelligence.

Federal / Civilian - Whether you need to have all your global offices instantly brought onscreen or power down a building, HARMAN helps you communicate in federal/civilian applications more efficiently. Common applications in federal and civilian spaces include: courts & judicial, healthcare & medical, surveillance & security, geospacial/intelligence, and science & research.


State & Local - Our mission is to provide the best-in-class solutions for simplifying the implementation, maintenance and use of state and local government technology. Common applications include: courts & judicial, emergency operation centers, education, healthcare, surveillance & security, law enforcement, crime fusion centers, command centers, and NOCs.