Enova DGX Dante Audio Switching Board Kit for 6400

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The DGX6400-ASB-DAN is an audio switching board kit featuring direct Dante networked audio feeds to and from the Enova DGX 6400 enclosure. The boards support 16 discrete stereo decoded inputs and 16 discrete stereo encoded outputs. This allows for independent routing of decoded inputs, or breakaway to decoded audio outputs, into a networked audio system such as HARMAN’s BSS. Additionally, the kits feature audio breakaway, downmixing, and a host of DSP functionality such as EQ, volume control, and stereo summing on every path

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Direct Dante Integration into the Enova DGX – Reduces the physical installation time for inserted and extracted audio paths from the Enova DGX system as Dante network enabled signals

Easy Integration with Dante Enabled Devices including HARMAN BSS and Crown – Allows for simple decision making when specifying companion DSP to the Enova DGX switching solution

Simplified Integration with Building-Wide Audio – Utilizing Dante, the industry’s most standard networked audio format, integration of traditional Centralized AV and networked audio is quick and easy

Audio Breakaway Switching – audio breakaway switching functionality allows for flexible combining of audio and video signals even if they originated from different sources

Integrated DSP Including a 10-Band Parametric EQ on Every Output – Audio equalization allows the sound in each zone to be tuned specifically to match the individual audio characteristics of each environment.  After easy setup with the integrated web GUI, the same audio source can be heard perfectly in each zone regardless of acoustical differences.


Audio Switching 80 x 80 Matrix Audio Switching with each output having independent volume, EQ, and sync delay
Audio Inputs 64 Embedded Digital Audio Inputs from Video Input Positions
Audio Outputs 64 Embedded Digital Audio to Video Outputs
Audio Input Compression Independent compression per input; attack: 1 to 2000 ms; release: 10 to 5000 ms; compression ratio: 1 to 20; threshold: -60 to 0 dB
Audio Input Gain Compensation -24 dB to +24 dB, 1 dB steps
Audio Output Compression 10-band parametric EQ with variable center frequency, filter type and Q per band; center frequency: 20 Hz to 20 kHz; EQ gain: -12 to +12 dB; Q: 0.1 to 20; filter types: bell, bass shelving, treble shelving, low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop
Audio Output Sync Delay 0 to 200 ms
Balance Control 20 steps each left and right
Audio Control per Output Independent EQ, volume and balance control per output
Downmix Input Downmix input fed from selectable embedded audio input from any Enova DGX Input Board. Downmixed audio switchable to all embedded/auxiliary Dante encoded audio outputs
FG Numbers FG1061-864


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Enova DGX Dante Audio Switching Board Kit for 6400