NMX-ENC-N1134A Encoder

Minimal Proprietary Compression HD-SDI Video over IP Encoder

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The NMX-ENC-N1134A provides the excellent encoding capabilities of the N1000 line for HD-SDI inputs. Integrate SDI directly onto the network without the extra cost or hassle of an added SDI to HDMI converter. In addition, while most Networked AV solutions with SDI connections operate using H.264 or H.265, introducing a substantial amount of compression and latency, our minimally compressed IP format maintains high video quality and delivers it with imperceptible latency. Once on the network, the SDI feed can be decoded using any N1000 Decoder.

The N1000 Series Encoders and Decoders are an affordable local AV over IP switching solution that packetizes video into a minimally compressed IP format to create anywhere from a small 2×1 seamless presentation switcher up to a large 32×32 matrix switcher using off-the-shelf layer-3 network switches. Any source can be sent to one or more displays by routing through layer-2 / layer-3 switches utilizing standard Cat5e cable.

Common Application

An ideal solution for live camera inputs in lecture halls, corporate town hall meeting and training spaces.


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N-Series HD-SDI Minimal Compression Video Encoder Firmware
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  • SDI Input – Distribute video from an SDI source using N1000 Networked AV technology without adding a SDI-to-HDMI converter
  • Sub-Frame Latency – Combined encode and decode latency of 10 ms at 60 fps, so low it’s below human perception, making it ideal for live video feed content
  • Minimal Proprietary Compression (MPC) – Visually lossless MPC algorithm applied to all resolutions
  • PoE Powered – Eliminates requirement for local power supply and speeds installation
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) – PoE eliminates the need for power supply
  • Native NetLinx – Simplifies integration with AMX control to reduce cost of installation


Digital Video Input HD-SDI
Video Outputs N1XXX compatible stream, + passthrough HD-SDI
Video Formats Formats associated with SMPTE 425, SMPTE 424, SMPTE 292, and SMPTE 259-C
Output Resolutions Matched to input
Pass Thru Resolutions Matched to input
Audio Input Signal Types Analog Audio Formats: Stereo 2-channel
Analog-To-Digital Conversion: 16-bit 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz

Embedded audio following formats associated with SMPTE 425, SMPTE 424, SMPTE 292, and SMPTE 259-C
Audio Output Signal Types Ethernet at 48-kHz (standard SVSI audio stream or AES67, user selectable)
Video Latency 10 ms at 60 fps
Audio Latency Standard SVSi audio stream = synched to video ; AES67 = 1-msec adjustable to 17-msec
Communications Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbps, auto-negotiating, auto-sensing, full/half duplex, DHCP, Auto IP, and Static IP; HDMI: HDCP, EDID management. See Data Sheet for details.
FG Numbers FGN1134A


NMX-ENC-N1134A Encoder

Minimal Proprietary Compression HD-SDI Video over IP Encoder