AVX-400 Twisted Pair Presentation Switcher Firmware v2.00

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018


  • Recommend installing at least DCS rev 2.5.26.


New for this release:

  • Fixed: AVX now comes online on Axlink after a reboot.
  • Fixed: Issuing an unmute when the AVX is not muted keeps the volume at its current setting.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where DCS and AVX communication could lock up via USB.
  • Fixed: Temperature and volume query now return correct values.
  • Fixed: AVX-400 select button no longer stops functioning when USB is pulled.
  • Fixed: Power query going out at the same time as the next query.
  • Fixed: Improved serial communication robustness on USB and RS-232 ports.

Accessing the following features in this release requires at least DCS rev 2.5.26.

  • New: Support for unmute in priority mode.
  • New: Added DST-<DISABLED> response to DST? query when in pass-through mode.
  • New: User can define the display poll rate.
  • New: The wallplate button can be used to unmute the audio in takeover or priority mode.
  • New: Values returned by the DST? query can be individually queried with the following commands:
    • PWR?: power status
    • VID?: video status
    • LAMP?: lamp status
    • TEMP?: temp status
    • FLT?: filter status
  • New: HDMI pass-through wallplate support.
  • New: Added support for user-configurable commands.


Hot Fix for the AVX-400 Twisted Pair Presentation Switcher Firmware (v.2.5 Available from AMX Technical Support)

Changes in this release:
Fixed: Power status and lamp hours updates with projectors that use binary protocol

Previous Versions

Previous Versions