NMX-ENC H.264 Encoder Firmware v1.6.17

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Changes in this release:


  • User login and authentication is now performed via the web pages and does not use the browser login mechanism.
  • Added a comprehensive Daylight Saving Time feature which becomes available only when NTP is enabled.
  • Added an option to disable writing the configuration file to the front USB flash drive.



  • When RTP container is selected for streaming, clicking on the SDP button will automatically download the SDP file on non-mobile browsers. This file can later be used in a player to capture the RTP stream.


Known Issues:

Encoding Restarts

  • On rare occassions the streaming and/or recording will halt. When this occurs the streaming and/or recording will restart automatically with a five to ten second loss of video.



  • Some 480p resolutions might experience a slight shift down.



  • Recording should always be carried out using an external USB Hard Drive. Use of Flash Drives/Sticks can result in unexpected recording errors.
  • If recording cannnot be performed because the unit is unable to create a file on the attached disk, then the USB Hard drive has to be reformatted using the "Install HDD" feature in "System" tab.


Firmware Upgrade

  • If dual stream is selected and the encoder is downgraded to a 1.2.X version (previously released firmware) the unit will always select the unicast address when streaming is chosen.
  • Using the RMS Update Manager on a congested network may cause some upgrades to the NMX-ENC-110x to time out. Repeat the update using the update manager or manually update the timed-out units from the web interface.



  • Changing the Forwarding Schedule from a Specified option to Immediate while simultaneously starting a record session, forwarding may not commence immediately, if recording is under 30 seconds. The user may have to start and stop another record session in order for the file to be forwarded.

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