10x4 All-In-One Presentation Switchers with NX Control (Multi-Format, HDMI Inputs)

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The Enova® DVX-3250HD 10x4 All-In-One Presentation Switcher is a unified audio, video, and control device that replaces the need for numerous individual components and eliminates the integration and reliability challenges that accompany them. The compact 3U Presentation Switcher integrates a variety of different functionality, such as a scaler, analog to digital signal converter, twisted pair transmitter and amplifier with built-in professional grade audio processing into a single chassis. With AMX-exclusive features, the DVX-3250HD is a simple to install, flexible solution, perfectly suited for large and complex conference rooms, classrooms and auditoriums.

The DVX-3250HD includes the next generation NetLinx Integrated Controller technology, the NX-Series. This new controller provides a scalable platform for the future by combining high performance, backward compatibility and extensive network security features.

The DVX-3250HD includes a long list of features to ensure optimal audio and video quality from virtually any source. The state-of-the-art professional grade audio DSP delivers quality audio throughout a room. The DVX-3250HD's multi-format video inputs support analog and digital signals including HDMI with HDCP sources - all in the same connector. Built-in SmartScale® Technology outputs video that is perfectly scaled for each connected display, eliminating the integration challenges that can occur when sources and displays have different optimal resolutions - making the DVX-3250HD easy to specify, easy to install and easy to use.

The Enova DVX's all-in-one architecture also delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry, thanks to ease of support, maintenance and configuration, as well as reduced hardware and cabling costs.

Common Applications

  • The DVX-3250HD is ideal for dramatically simplifying AV control and distribution in medium-sized and large conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums.
  • The flexible DVX-3250HD is perfect for any complex collaboration space with a mix of analog and digital sources, multiple displays, or rooms that require support for video conferencing.
  • The DVX-3250HD is perfect for any room or facility with space constraints, especially those that lack space in equipment racks.


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NX Series (X200) NX/DVX/DGX Device Firmware
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DVX-325x/225x Switcher Firmware
version 1.7.81, updated: Jul 12, 2018
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1.6.189     Mar 22, 2021
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  • All-In-One Device – Controller, matrix switcher, scaler, analog to digital converter, amplifier, plus twisted pair distribution and professional-grade audio DSP – all in a space-saving 3U chassis
  • Simplicity & Reliability – Replaces the need for numerous individual components and equipment, ensuring high reliability and saving on configuring and programming costs
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – With a consistent platform across a variety of sizes, it is easy to standardize on the DVX and reduce costs for hardware, training, support, troubleshooting and sparing
  • Unrivaled Network Security – With Dual NIC to isolate AMX or third-party AV equipment from the primary network, IPv6 and wired 802.1X for protected network access, and user-defined LDAP login group support, the Enova DVX provides rock-solid security
  • Optimal Video Image Quality Every Time – Exclusive SmartScale Technology automatically scales the image to the best resolution and video parameters for each display—even for displays of different information—without manual setup, eliminating the need for costly external scalers
  • Crystal Clear Audio – Includes an integrated digital signal processor with advanced capabilities like independent 10-band parametric EQ, independent input gain adjustments and variable compression, allow precision tuning to match unique source and room attributes
  • Audio Breakaway – Stereo audio from any analog input or de-embedded from any HDMI input can be broken away from its associated video, processed through the DSP, and switched independently to any analog, HDMI or S/PDIF audio output
  • Audio Matrix Switching – Four independently switched and processed audio paths provide four unique volume, EQ, ducking and mixing configurations for perfectly tuned room audio as well as integration with audio/video conferencing, induction loop systems, voice re-enforcement speakers and audio recording devices
  • Enhanced Microphone Processing – Independent 3-band parametric EQ, compression, gating, auto-ducking, and limiting on each microphone input ensures crystal clear communication
  • Matrix Switching – Freely route any input to any or all outputs without blocking - 10x4 video switcher and 14x4 audio switcher with audio breakaway
  • AV and Control Over Twisted Pair – Send audio, video, bi-directional control and Ethernet up to 100m over one standard twisted pair cable
  • HDMI/HDCP Switching with Simplicity of Analog – End-to-end distribution of HDMI/HDCP without interruption or key constraints using exclusive InstaGate Pro® Technology
  • Multi-Format Ports – Built for analog signals - RGBHV, Component, S-Video, and Composite, and digital HDMI/HDCP and DVI signals - all on the same connector
  • Enhanced Diagnostics On Serial & IR Ports – Provides real time error feedback when Serial and IR ports are disconnected or improperly wired
  • 3D Support – Pass through latest video formats including 3D and Deep Color
  • DXLink™ Twisted Pair Outputs – Send audio, video, bi-directional control and Ethernet to DXLink HDMI Receivers up to 100m away over one twisted pair cable - for more details and helpful cabling information, reference the white paper titled Cabling for Success with DXLink, or contact your AMX representative
  • Saves Energy – Includes features that dramatically reduce energy utilization. Use the interactive DVX Energy Savings Calculator to estimate savings for your particular configuration
  • HTML5 Web Configuration – Eliminates the need for proprietary configuration software


Video Inputs (4) Multi-Format DVI-I, (6) HDMI; supports HDMI/HDCP. See Data Sheet for details.
Video Outputs (4) HDMI; supports HDMI/HDCP. (2) DXLink; mirrors associated HDMI outputs; supports digital video, audio, Ethernet and bi-directional control
Video Resolution Support Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz. See Operations Reference Guide for details for each signal type.
Audio Inputs (4) female 1/8" stereo mini-phono jacks, (4) 3.5 mm 5-position captive-wire terminals, (2) 3.5 mm 3-pin captive-wire MIC connectors, (6) HDMI connections. See Data Sheet for details.
Audio Outputs - SP (1) Amplified audio output; 4-position captive wire connector, (3) Line level audio outputs, (1) S/PDIF output, (4) HDMI outputs, (2) DXLink outputs. See Data Sheet for details.
Audio Outputs - T (1) Amplified audio output; 2-position captive wire connectors, (3) Line level audio outputs, (1) S/PDIF output, (4) HDMI outputs, (2) DXLink outputs. See Data Sheet for details.
AxLink Port (2) 4-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, provides data and power to external AxLink control devices
RS-232/422/485 Ports (2) 10-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, NetLinx Ports 1 and 5, XON/XOFF (transmit on / transmit off), CTS/RTS (clear to send/ready to send), 300 - 115,200 baud
RS-232 Port (6) 5-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, NetLinx Ports 2-4 and 6-8, XON/XOFF (transmit on / transmit off), CTS/RTS (clear to send/ready to send), 300 - 115,200 baud
IR/Serial (8) 2-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, 8 IR Transmit / 1-way Serial ports, NetLinx Ports 11-18. See Data Sheet for details.
I/O Channels (2) 6-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, 8-channel binary I/O port , NetLinx Port 22, Channels 1-8. See Data Sheet for details.
Relays (8) Two 8-position 3.5 mm Screw Terminal, (8) single-pole, single-throw relays, NetLinx Port 21, Channels 1-8. See Data Sheet for details.
Dimensions (HWD) 5 3/16" x 17" x 14" (13.2 cm x 43.2 cm x 35.6 cm)
FG Numbers

FG1906-15 (2x25W, 8-Ohm)

FG1906-17 (75W, 70/100V)


10x4 All-In-One Presentation Switchers with NX Control (Multi-Format, HDMI Inputs)