USB 3.0 Module with Retractable MyTurn™ Ready Cable

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The HydraPort® 3.0 Module with Retractable Cable allows you to connect your laptop to devices in the room such as a Sereno Web Camera or an Alero Web Conferencing Mixer. You can also connect through a rack-mounted USB 3.0 dock to connect to the display, Ethernet, cameras, mics, and more via a single USB 3.0 cable. The compact, easy to install solution organizes and hides cables in virtually any type of conference table, including narrow tables, and those with glass inlay. With the addition of a clip-on My MyTurn Source Selection Button, it is easy to instruct the system to switch to the selected input.


Learn important installation, configuration and programming techniques in the following course(s) from Harman Professional University:

  • Getting Started with HydraPort

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  • No Assembly, Adjustments or Terminations – Module installs quickly and easily with no special mounting



1 1/2 HydraPort Units (See the HPX-600, HPX-900 or HPX-1200 specifications section for an explanation of HydraPort units)

Weight Approximately 1lb (0.46 Kg)
Integrated Cable
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0 Retractable Cable
  • Pullout Length: 5 ft (1.52m)
  • Pigtail: 5 ft (1.52m)
  • Pigtail Connector: USB Type A Male (use included adapters to change to a USB Type A female or USB Type B male connection)
  • Data Rate: 5 Gbps
Front Panel Components Pull-Out Connector: USB Type A Male
Long-Term Reliability Tested to 10,000 pull and release cycles
Optional Accessories
  • HPA-MYT-TX, MyTurn Source Selector Button (FG554-21)
  • HPA-MYT-RX, MyTurn Source Selector Receiver (FG554-23)
  • CBL-USB-FL2, USB MyTurn-Ready Flat Cable (FG10-2197-16)
  • NMX-VCC-1000, Sereno Video Conferencing Camera (FG3211-10)
FG Numbers FG552-37