Spacer, Cable Pass-Thru Well Module

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The HPX-CPTS100-W provides a simple and convenient way to add additional spaces to the HPX-CPT200-W HydraPort® Cable Pass-Through Well Module, thereby increasing the number of cables that can be passed through a single HydraPort. Adding one HPX-CPTS100-W spacer adds two circular openings to the existing two openings to accommodate a total of 4 cables. Adding a second spacer adds another two circular openings, providing a maximum of 6 openings per HydraPort. Each HPT-CPTS100-W Pass-Through Module Spacer utilizes 1 HydraPort Unit.


  • Keep Extra Cables Hidden – Accommodate more pass-through cables in a single HydraPort unit


Learn important installation, configuration and programming techniques in the following course(s) from Harman Professional University:

  • Getting Started with HydraPort

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1 HydraPort Unit (See the HPX-600, HPX-900 or HPX-1200 specifications section for an explanation of HydraPort units)

Front Panel Components
  • Small pass-thru hole(s) - 11.5mm diameter
  • Large pass-thru hole(s) - 14mm diameter
FG Numbers FG562-42