Dual USB Power Module with Printed Charging Symbol

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The HPX-N102-USB-PC module provides a dual USB connection with charging capability to the HydraPort® chassis. The power symbol on the module makes it easy for users to identify that power is provided. HPX-N102-USB-PC includes a PSU2.1 USB power supply and four power adapters to accommodate various wall outlet types.


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  • Getting Started with HydraPort

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HydraPort Connection Port Series - InfoComm 2011 New Product


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1 HydraPort Unit (See the HPX-1600 specifications section for an explanation of HydraPort units)

Weight .35 lbs (0.16 Kg)
Front Panel Components USB Ports: (2) Type A USB Ports
Integrated Cable USB Cables: (2) USB cables 6' (1.83 m) - connect the module to the USB Ports on the PSU2.1 USB Power Supply
Included Accessories PSU2.1 USB Power Supply (FG423-25)
FG Numbers FG553-13


Dual USB Power Module with Printed Charging Symbol