Power Controller, 10 A (110 VAC only)

The PC1 control provides one switched outlet for 120 VAC power control with up to 1200 W of equipment power.

Common Applications

Ideal for giving power control over devices that may not be easily controlled via Infrared or other control signal types.


  • Front-panel on/off button with status LED
  • DIP switch to set closure mode


Dimensions (HWD)
  • 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" (3.8 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm)
  • RU: 1
  • 1 lb, 12 oz (793 g)
Power Requirements
  • Power Input: 105 to 125 VAC, 3 watts maximum (internal electronics)
  • Power Outputs: 1 switched 3-wire sockets, 120 VAC, 1,200 watts total
Control Ports
  • Either one latched or two momentary closures for discrete on and off, or one momentary closure for toggling on and off
  • Switched AC receptacle, 10 A at 120 VAC
Load Fuse Internal 10 A (load capacity)
Control Inputs Remote control contact and switch closure
Enclosure Material Metal with black matte finish
Type AC switched power control unit
Front Panel Components
  • AC1 power switch controls power to a switched socket. The LED in the pushbutton indicates that socket power is ON
  • DIP Switch: Controls the AC1 (and AC2) push button operating mode, depending on the setting of the switches
Rear Panel Components
  • AC Power Input: 3-conductor line cord providing 120 VAC power to the power control unit and to switched power sockets
  • Switched Power: Socket for control of external equipment having a total power load of 1,200 watts. An internal 10 A load fuse is provided (The PC2 has 2 power sockets)
  • Control: 4-pin captive-wire connector providing remote operation of the power control units. Terminals accept 24 – 12 AWG wire
Power cables 6 ft (1.83 m) cord with 3-wire grounded plug
FG Numbers FG670

Recommended Accessories

  • AC-RK

    Accessory Rack Kit