Resource Management Suite Enterprise v4.8.1

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Resource Management Suite Enterprise v4.8.2. ×

Last Updated: Mar 12

Release Notes

Product: Resource Management Suite Enterprise
FG #: 3004  
Current Version: 4.8.1
Release Date: March 2021

--  JDK 11.0.4 and Tomcat 9.0.xx

--  For complete system requirements, please refer to the RMS Enterprise
    Installation Guide.

Changes in this release(4.8.1)

-- Added support for Reports & Diagnostics.

-- Localization support is available for all the languages.

-- Many bug fixes

Known Issues
-- Report generation is throwing error for newly created Metadata of type Time & Date/Time, if time
is in format of 12.xx am/pm. For all other values of time report gets generated successfully. For
metadata created before 4.8.0,the report will generate for all the values.

--  Scheduled reports can't be sent as a mail attachment (PDF or CSV) with valid SMTP configuration

--  In Reports, Location tab UI font and alignment are different than other tabs

--  In Settings tab of Location management, hover effect and font size of dropdowns are not as expected.

-- Running report by providing Decimal value in Metadata property name's Value field will throw error.

-- Intermittently Conflict error seen when try to access another page.

-- In Reports, filter is not working when wildcard (*) is used. User has to provide full text.

--  Safari is not supported at this time.

--  RFID Tracking support is not available at this time.

--  Search & Sort is restricted to the selected page in 'Configuration -> Manufacturer/Models' screen.

--  Table State(sorting/resizing/reordering) is saved for the logged-in session only.

--  Vertical Splitter for page element resizing is not implemented.

--  Report queries that use exact whole number filter (Equal or Not Equal) in
    the hour value for Lamp Hours will not return a positive report unless the
    value is a whole number (does not include a decimal).

--  RMS Enterprise will only migrate data from an RMS 3.3 database.  Any older
    RMS versions must first be upgraded to 3.3 before attempting to install
    RMS Enterprise and migrate data to it.

--  System upgrades from RMS 3.3 to Enterprise will initially report Hotlist
    items that are based on UTC time.  At the time of migration to RMS
    Enterprise, the application timezone is not set, so the timestamp will
    appear to be inaccurate.

--  The mobile location scheduling view has encountered a variety of issues
    on certain mobile platforms detailed below (If you experience an issue,
    try Chrome, Firefox, or Safari which functioned properly in our tests). 

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