SVSI N23xx Series Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v1.1.14

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: SVSI N23xx Series Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v1.1.28. ×

Last Updated: Aug 30

Product Name: N-Series N2300 Video Encoder/Decoder
FG #: FGN2312-SA

Version: 01.01.14
Release Date: 3/30/2018

1. Prerequisites

- None

2. Revision History
Version 01.01.14
• Improve KVM connection recovery on reboot.
• Change audio stream ttl to default to 64
• Implement KVM retry
• Make analog audio startup delay optional
• Add optional encoder reboot on audio input failure

Version 01.01.05
•  Fix issue with uploading odd host/local play images
•  Fix issue with debug log startup
•  Fix issue with KVM reconnecting on encoder or decoder restart
•  Improved button feedback on webpages
•  Treat stream 0 as a stream instead of as a local play command
•  Add HDCP connection status to the decoder 
•  Resolved audio stream compatibilty issues with other N-Series units
•  Fixed audio multicast address calculation
•  Add option to blank video during switch
•  Don't issue NAct plug events on bootup
•  Improved audio networking to avoid audio pops when video rate goes up
•  Delay audio startup to avoid audio artifact after stream switch
•  Add option to disable video genlock which causes some monitors to stutter the audio
•  Improve decoder robustness 

Version 00.04.22
•  Fix audio multicast address for non-interleaved mode

Version 00.04.21
•  Fix 32K and 44.1K audio issue that occurred with selected monitors
•  Default output to RGB to avoid the green screen
•  Default KVM to on to match spec

Version 00.04.20
•  Fix audio pop on decoder analog audio output
•  Add 1920x1200 to EDID (requires reloading default EDID).
•  Add latest netlinx support and add netlinx version to the webpage

Version 00.04.15
•  Fix audio stutter issue
•  Add control for video genlock
•  Fix issue with audio channel count change crashing encoder.
•  Fix issue with log overflowing on debug start
•  Add support for DNS

Version 00.04.11
•  Provide sync override feature for monitors that are sensitive to clock changes.
•  Fixed decoder issue caused by selecting stream 0.  Now is the same as localPlay.
•  Fix IR upload for N2300 devices

Version 00.04.08
•  Fix loss of I-Frame requests on encoder stream restart

Version 00.04.04  
•  Add commands for output volume up/down 
•  Support secure ports only mode
•  Clean up xml status file
•  Improve encoder HDCP robustness
•  Add line input volume control  
•  Fix decoder reboot on stream switch
•  Suport RGB 4K resolution mode
•  Block unknown multicast streams from the swtich
•  Support Harman serial number format
•  Fix network lockup when switching into DHCP mode
•  Improved Netlinx support
•  Improved decoder stability

3. Known Issues

• On soft reboot, some devices lose KVM connectivity and require a hard decoder reboot
• If DHCP is first enabled on a network without a DHCP server, the unit reboots and the 
  setting is lost.  If the unit is running DHCP but is rebooted on a network without a 
  DHCP server, it falls back to autoip correctly.


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