SVSI N23xx Series Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v1.1.24

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: SVSI N23xx Series Encoder and Decoder Firmware Updater v1.1.28. ×

Last Updated: Jan 06

Product Name: N-Series N2300 Video Encoder/Decoder
FG #: FGN2312-SA

Version: 01.01.24
Release Date: 10/15/2020

1. Prerequisites

- None

2. Revision History
Version 01.01.24
 Remove support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1

Version 01.01.23
 Optimize time delay in KVM IP switching

Version 01.01.21
 Fix webpage security issue with POST

Version 01.01.20
 Make more DHCP attempts during unit boot up
 Add new command to create dhcp timing extended
 New command "setSettings:dhcpAgain:300", after 300 seconds after
 the unit assigns itself an auto IP, the DHCP process
 would start again. User can modify the 300 to value they need.
 lower limit is 60 seconds, to allow linkLocal to work properly
 To disable the setting, "setSettings:dhcpAgain:0"

Version 01.01.19
 Fix broken IR control with long IR codes

Version 01.01.18
 Improve the "Unsolicited Status" feature

Version 01.01.17
 Enable scaler of decoder after factory restoration

Version 01.01.16
 Support 2560x1440
 Fix decoder reboot when it's routed to encoder with no source connected
 Support units with new analog audio chip

Version 01.01.15
 Improve VGA/HDMI startup time
 Implement option to give VGA or HDMI input priority
 Add Identify button to web page that displays IP address on decoder

Version 01.01.14
 Improve KVM connection recovery on reboot.
 Change audio stream ttl to default to 64
 Implement KVM retry
 Make analog audio startup delay optional
 Add optional encoder reboot on audio input failure

Version 01.01.05
 Fix issue with uploading odd host/local play images
 Fix issue with debug log startup
 Fix issue with KVM reconnecting on encoder or decoder restart
 Improved button feedback on webpages
 Treat stream 0 as a stream instead of as a local play command
 Add HDCP connection status to the decoder 
 Resolved audio stream compatibilty issues with other N-Series units
 Fixed audio multicast address calculation
 Add option to blank video during switch
 Don't issue NAct plug events on bootup
 Improved audio networking to avoid audio pops when video rate goes up
 Delay audio startup to avoid audio artifact after stream switch
 Add option to disable video genlock which causes some monitors to stutter the audio
 Improve decoder robustness 

Version 00.04.22
 Fix audio multicast address for non-interleaved mode

Version 00.04.21
 Fix 32K and 44.1K audio issue that occurred with selected monitors
 Default output to RGB to avoid the green screen
 Default KVM to on to match spec

Version 00.04.20
 Fix audio pop on decoder analog audio output
 Add 1920x1200 to EDID (requires reloading default EDID).
 Add latest netlinx support and add netlinx version to the webpage

Version 00.04.15
 Fix audio stutter issue
 Add control for video genlock
 Fix issue with audio channel count change crashing encoder.
 Fix issue with log overflowing on debug start
 Add support for DNS

Version 00.04.11
 Provide sync override feature for monitors that are sensitive to clock changes.
 Fixed decoder issue caused by selecting stream 0.  Now is the same as localPlay.
 Fix IR upload for N2300 devices

Version 00.04.08
 Fix loss of I-Frame requests on encoder stream restart

Version 00.04.04  
 Add commands for output volume up/down 
 Support secure ports only mode
 Clean up xml status file
 Improve encoder HDCP robustness
 Add line input volume control  
 Fix decoder reboot on stream switch
 Suport RGB 4K resolution mode
 Block unknown multicast streams from the swtich
 Support Harman serial number format
 Fix network lockup when switching into DHCP mode
 Improved Netlinx support
 Improved decoder stability

3. Known Issues

 On soft reboot, some devices lose KVM connectivity and require a hard decoder reboot
 If DHCP is first enabled on a network without a DHCP server, the unit reboots and the 
  setting is lost.  If the unit is running DHCP but is rebooted on a network without a 
  DHCP server, it falls back to autoip correctly.

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