6-Button Massio™ Keypad (US, UK, EU)

The MKP-106 / 6-Button Massio Keypad is a keypad-only version of the MCP-106 Massio ControlPad. The MKP-106 provides sleek Massio styling in any room, serving as a second user interface or as a primary UI in spaces that already contain a separate controller. The MKP-106 includes large, easy-to-read buttons in a stylish design that makes it simple for users to manage complex tasks with a single button press during meetings or classes. The Keypad connects to the controller via Ethernet, which simplifies installation and connectivity.

Common Applications

  • Ideal for small spaces utilizing NetLinx control, providing the ability to utilize customized code and additional ports of NetLinx Controllers, while maintaining a consistent user experience as the RPM-enabled Massio ControlPads.
  • Perfect for Massio rooms requiring a second user interface in the same form factor to act as a client keypad to the Massio ControlPad.


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Data Sheet
updated: Feb 19, 2021
    285 KB Feb 19, 2021
    1.34 MB Dec 19, 2018
    1.03 MB Mar 29, 2018
CAD Drawings
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Bim Objects
MKP-106L - BIM Object
updated: Aug 12, 2019
    Aug 12, 2019
Keypads with Ethernet Firmware
version 1.2.33, updated: Jun 18, 2020
1.2.33     300 KB Jun 18, 2020
Quick Start Guides
    327 KB Mar 29, 2018
Safety Sheets
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  • Consistent Massio Aesthetics & Form Factor – Provides consistent look-and-feel in existing installations with Massio, with the same models and sizes as the Massio ControlPads
  • Massio Styling in Customized Rooms – Provides Massio-style UI in rooms that require a separate controller
  • Connects Via Standard Protocols (PoE) – Simplifies cabling and installation by minimizing cable runs and eliminates the need for power at the keypad location


Dimensions (HWD) Portrait: 4 11/16" x 3 7/16" x 9/16" (119 mm x 87.5 mm x 13.9 mm), Landscape: 3 7/16" x 4 11/16" x 9/16" (87.5 mm x 119 mm x 13.9 mm)
Weight Approximately .25 lbs (.11 kg)
Mounting Mount onto standard 1 gang US, UK, or EU back boxes
Power Consumption Typical: 4.5 Watts, Voltage, DC (Typical): PoE (37V-57V), Voltage DC Range: 37 V-57 V per 802.3af spec, Power Connector: (1) RJ-45 Ethernet
Memory Flash: 4 GB, Memory Card: 4 GB SD, DDRAM: 256 MB
Program Port (1) USB Mini-B, USB
ID Pushbutton Reset factory settings, reset factory image, toggle between DHCP or static IP addressing mode
FG Numbers

FG5793-06P-W (Portrait, White)
FG5793-06P-BL (Portrait, Black)
FG5793-06L-W (Landscape, White)
FG5793-06L-BL (Landscape, Black)