NX Series (X200) NX/MCP/DGX Controller Firmware v1.6.179

Last Updated: Apr 15

Product Name: NX-1200, NX-2200, NX-3200, NX-4200 Master Controllers
Enova DVX-x2xx
Enova DGX 8/16/32/64
Massio Control Pads MCP-10x
Enova DGX 800/1600/3200/6400

FG #: FG2106-01, FG2106-02, FG2106-03, FG2106-04,
FG1906-07, FG1906-09, FG1906-11,
FG1906-12, FG1906-13, FG1906-14, FG1906-15,
FG1906-16, FG1906-17, FG1906-18, FG1906-22,
FG1060-08, FG1060-16, FG1060-32, FG1060-64,
FG2102-06L-B, FG2102-06L-W, FG2102-06P-B,
FG2102-06P-W, FG2102-08-B, FG2102-08-W
FG1061-08, FG1061-16, FG1061-32, FG1061-64

Current Firmware Version: 1.6.179
Release Date: 09/24/20

Device ID: 0x018C, 0x1B5, 0x1B1, 0x01B2, 0x1B8, 0x1E9


When upgrading from 1.3.106 or earlier, you must first upgrade to 1.4.90.

Programming Information

Use of these new Authentication keywords requires Netlinx.axi v1.62.
The NetLinx language supports the following new Authentication keywords:
For details on the new keywords, please see the NetLinx Language Reference Guide.

Changes in this release

>> 1.6.179 (Release)
- Corrected issue with missing default network files from v1.6.178

** Changes in Recent Hotfixes or Releases **
>> 1.6.178 (Release)
- Fixed issue with DVX webpages missing from 1.6.175 firmware

>> 1.6.176
- Improved special character handling in LDAP groups

>> 1.6.175 (Release)
- Incite web page improvements

>> 1.6.170
- Fixes a bug where buffers are not rebuilt after sending "clear max buffers"

>> 1.6.169 (Release)
- Updated to OpenSSH 7.7. Fixes CVE-2015-5600; OpenSSH keyboard
interactive authentication brute force vulnerability.
- Updated to Oracle Jave SE 8u171. Fixes Spectre vulnerability
in Java.
- Bug existed which prevented the use of rename from FTP.
Now fixed.
- Added ability to list the last lines of an audit file.
Use show audit xx, with xx being the number of lines to print
- Fixes bug which prohibited 802.1x certificates from loading.
This bug also preventing 802.1x from authenticating.

Known Issues

- The following RMS SDKs are not compatible with 1.5.68 and higher:
RMS SDK 4.0-4.3.26, RMS SDK 4.4.* and RMS SDK 4.5.*
- When changing between the local and remote directories for user authentication,
the master requires a reboot to force all currently logged in users to
re-authenticate with the new service.
- SSH Key algorithm supports only ssh-rsa host key.
- ICSPMon will not work with port authentication on or telnet disabled.
- The USB host ports do not support USB hubs.
- Performing a PING to the NX master's IPv6 address may cause the NX master to reboot.
- Master web page login may get stuck in MS-IE browser on Windows8. Either use a
different browser or in Internet Options->Advanced->Security Settings check
"Enable Enhanced Protection Mode*" (Windows8 restart required).
- Dynamic images and listview features require v.1.4.9 G5 touch panel firmware if NX security is enabled.
- Dynamic images will not work with G4 touch panels with NX security enabled.
- IP_MC_SERVER_OPEN command does not work on the ICSLan port.
- The DVX-x2xx Switcher (5002) requires firmware v1.7.54 or higher if authentication is enabled for AMX devices
on ICSLAN or LAN Ports.
- The DGX Switcher (5002) requires firmware v3.2.10 or higher if authentication is enabled for AMX devices
on ICSLAN or LAN Ports.

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