Massio™ 6-Button ControlPad (US, UK, EU)

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The MCP-106 / 6-Button Massio™ ControlPad is a high performance ControlPad that combines AMX control and a stylish keypad into a single unit that can be mounted in a standard 1 gang US, UK or EU back box to provide dedicated room control. Massio ControlPads provide high performance, intuitive usability and modern styling, and are simple to configure using AMX's Rapid Project Maker or custom programmed using NetLinx Studio software. The MCP-106 shares its controller technology with AMX's flagship NX-series, enabling it to provide the latest networking and security features, along with outstanding processing power.

Common Applications

  • NX Master Security firmware is ideal for enterprise, education, and government policies requiring secure communication over a computer network in line with security standards expected by the IT industry of any equipment running on an enterprise.
  • Massio ControlPads are a perfect solution for huddle spaces and small conference rooms, where Massio's combination of controller, user interface and configuration with RPM provides an inexpensive way to add AV control to small spaces
  • The MCP-106's security features and secure wall-mount options make it ideal for Higher Education breakout rooms and small classrooms.
  • The MCP-106's rugged design and attractive price point also make it perfect for K-12 (Primary Education) classrooms.

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Data Sheet
updated: Jul 06, 2018
    272 KB Jul 06, 2018
Instruction Manual - Massio ControlPads and Keypads
updated: Mar 29, 2018
    1.03 MB Mar 29, 2018
CAD Drawings
Pictorial Drawing - MCP-106P 6-Button Portrait Massio ControlPad (US, UK, EU) (DWG)
updated: Apr 09, 2018
    300 KB Apr 09, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - MCP-106P 6-Button Portrait Massio ControlPad (US, UK, EU) (DXF)
updated: Apr 09, 2018
    827 KB Apr 09, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - MCP-106P 6-Button Portrait Massio ControlPad (US, UK, EU) (PDF)
updated: Apr 09, 2018
    138 KB Apr 09, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - MCP-106L 6-Button Landscape Massio ControlPad (US, UK, EU) (DWG)
updated: Apr 09, 2018
    234 KB Apr 09, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - MCP-106L 6-Button Landscape Massio ControlPad (US, UK, EU) (DXF)
updated: Apr 09, 2018
    845 KB Apr 09, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - MCP-106L 6-Button Landscape Massio ControlPad (US, UK, EU) (PDF)
updated: Apr 09, 2018
    140 KB Apr 09, 2018
Bim Objects
MCP-106L - BIM Object
updated: Aug 12, 2019
    Aug 12, 2019
MCP-106P - BIM Object
updated: Aug 12, 2019
    Aug 12, 2019
Massio ControlPads Device Firmware
version 1.1.49, updated: Jun 18, 2020
1.1.49     52 KB Jun 18, 2020
NX Series (X200) NX/MCP/DVX/DGX Master Firmware
version 1.6.178, updated: Sep 21, 2020
1.6.178     156 MB Sep 21, 2020
Quick Start Guides
Quick Start Guide - MCP-106 6-Button Massio ControlPad
updated: Mar 26, 2018
    336 KB Mar 26, 2018
A&E (Architectural & Engineering) Specifications
A&E Spec - MCP-106 6-Button Massio ControlPad (US, UK, EU)
updated: Jun 27, 2018
    61 KB Jun 27, 2018
Massio ControlPads UL Certificate of Compliance
updated: Apr 25, 2018
    174 KB Apr 25, 2018
Massio ControlPads CE Declaration of Conformity
updated: Apr 25, 2018
    255 KB Apr 25, 2018
Massio ControlPads IECEE CB Test Certificate
updated: Apr 25, 2018
    197 KB Apr 25, 2018

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  • Cryptographic Support – In accordance with FIPS 140-2, a U.S. government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules for the protection of sensitive or valuable data
  • IPv6 – Supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet
  • IEEE 802.1X – Supports IEEE Standard for Port-based Network Access Control with the ability to grant or deny network access to devices wishing to attach to a LAN based on credentials tied to the device rather than to a user
  • X.509 Certificate Services – NX supports customer-provided certificates for access to protected networks
  • TLS / SSH Client – Provides NetLinx programmers the ability to manage secure port TLS and SSH communications with a remote device or server
  • Network Syslog – The Central Controller generates an audit record of events using syslog, a standard for message logging
  • Unrivaled Network Security – With IPv6 and wired 802.1X for protected network access and user-defined LDAP login group support, Massio ControlPads provide rock-solid security
  • All-in-one Keypad/Controller – Unique product combines an elegant yet rugged user interface with an onboard controller
  • Includes AMX Control – Incorporates AMX's flagship NX-series control technology, including the latest networking and security features and outstanding processing power
  • One Tool to Program - RPM – Radically reduces total cost of ownership by reducing the time and cost required to configure or program a system from days to less than an hour
  • Simple Integration with RMS – Using RPM, easily integrate RMS with the MCP-106 to provide a platform for real-time performance monitoring and maintenance
  • Elegant Industrial Design – Complement the rest of the AMX user interface product family and look great in any room
  • Large Buttons / Larger More Descriptive Text – All buttons are easy to read with large supplied labels, or easily make your own for a customized solution
  • Display Monitoring – Use the ControlPad with RMS to monitor power status, input status, lamp hours and filter hours
  • Web-based Control – Remotely login to ControlPads and execute button presses
  • Inactivity Timer – Turn off equipment after lack of activity (timeouts) to save energy
  • Built In Control Ports – Serial and IR ports available to communicate and control common presentation equipment
  • Backlit Buttons – Can flash or turn on/off when pressed
  • Execute Multiple Functions at Once – Macros can be written to trigger multiple functions through a single button press
  • Works with AMX IR Files – Leverage thousands of pre-existing AMX IR files on
  • Standard Enclosures – Standard back box mounting options for US, UK and EU
  • Native Direct Connection to RMS – No proxy required


Dimensions (HWD) Portrait: 4 11/16" x 3 7/16" x 9/16" (119 mm x 87.5 mm x 13.9 mm), Landscape: 3 7/16" x 4 11/16" x 9/16" (87.5 mm x 119 mm x 13.9 mm)
Weight Approximately .25 lbs (.11 kg)
Mounting Mount onto standard 1 gang US, UK, or EU back boxes
Power Consumption Typical: 4.5 Watts, Voltage, DC (Typical): PoE (37V-57V), Voltage DC Range: 37 V-57 V per 802.3af spec, Power Connector: (1) RJ-45 Ethernet
Memory Flash: 4 GB, Memory Card: 4 GB SD, DDRAM: 256 MB
RS-232 Port (1), 3-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal; 300 - 115,200 baud
IR/Serial (1), 2-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal; IR Transmit / 1-way Serial ports, Support high-frequency carriers up to 1.142 MHz
Program Port (1) USB Mini-B, USB
ID Pushbutton Reset factory settings, reset factory image, toggle between DHCP or static IP addressing mode
FG Numbers

FG2102-06P-BL (Portrait, Black)
FG2102-06P-W (Portrait, White)
FG2102-06L-BL (Landscape, Black)
FG2102-06L-W (Landscape, White)

Recommended Accessories


    Rapid Project Maker
  • MKP-106

    6-Button Massio™ Keypad (US, UK, EU)
  • MKP-108

    8-Button Massio™ Keypad with Knob (US, UK, EU)

    PoE Injector, 802.3AF Compliant

    NetLinx® IR Emitter Cable

    Cat6 Ethernet Cable
  • EXB-IRS4

    ICSLan IR/S Interface, 4 IR/S and 4 Inputs
  • EXB-COM2

    ICSLan Serial Interface, 2 Ports
  • EXB-REL8

    ICSLan Relay Interface, 8 Channels
  • EXB-IO8

    ICSLan Input/Output Interface, 8 Channels
  • EXB-MP1

    ICSLan Multi-Port, 1 COM, 1 IR/S, 2 I/O, 1 IR RX