10.1" Modero X® Series G5 Tabletop Touch Panel

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This product is discontinued with a projected last order date of November 30, 2018.
The suggested alternative is MT-1002.

The MXT-1001 / 10.1" Modero X® Series G5 Tabletop Touch Panel is a premium user interface that includes the G5 graphics engine and delivers superior performance. Designed specifically for dedicated room control, this elegantly-styled touch panel provides fast and smooth animations and transitions, along with a quad-core processor that provides more than enough processing power to run the most demanding applications today and in the future. The MXT-1001 also includes a built-in web browser and document viewers, enabling users to access real-time information during meetings or lectures.

The MXT-1001 is built for usability, offering edge-to-edge capacitive touch glass with multi-touch capabilities. The distinctive, low-profile design is engineered to sit perfectly on a table without obstructing views, and comes with a variety of mounting options for added security and convenience.

Common Applications

  • The MXT-1001 is ideal for boardrooms, conference rooms or auditoriums where a premium control surface is needed to provide access to multiple functions simultaneously while remaining elegantly unobtrusive.
  • In Higher Education, the MXT-1001 is ideal for lecture halls, auditoriums, performing arts theaters and boardrooms that require extensive control capabilities.
  • In residences, it is perfect for main living areas such as kitchens, living rooms, home theaters or home offices where the control surface can be used to manage systems throughout the home.


  Version Language Size Uploaded
Comparison Chart     173 KB Oct 10, 2018
Installation Hardware Reference Manual - Modero X Series G5 Touch Panels     2.67 MB Mar 29, 2018
CAD Drawings
Pictorial Drawing - MXT-1000, 10.1" Modero X Series Tabletop Touch Panel (PDF)     41.9 KB Apr 02, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - MXT-1000, 10.1" Modero X Series Tabletop Touch Panel (DXF)     1.46 MB Apr 02, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - MXT-1000, 10.1" Modero X Series Tabletop Touch Panel (DWG)     460 KB Apr 02, 2018
TPDesign5 1.5.111    46.1 MB Oct 31, 2018
Modero X Series G5 Touch Panels Firmware 1.7.30    246 MB Mar 12, 2018
G5 Support Files 1.5.61    1.68 MB Oct 31, 2018
Data Sheets
Data Sheet - MXT-1001     636 KB Oct 10, 2018
Quick Start Guides
Quick Start Guide - MXT-1001 Modero X Series G5 Tabletop Touch Panel     196 KB Mar 29, 2018
A&E (Architectural & Engineering) Specifications
A&E Spec - Modero X Series G5 10.1" Wall/Tabletop Touch Panels     104 KB Jun 28, 2018
AMX G5 Considerations     1.15 MB Apr 25, 2018
Digital Media Capabilities of the Modero X Series Touch Panels     1.22 MB Apr 25, 2018
AMX AV/IT Administrator's Guide     2.61 MB Apr 25, 2018
Programming Guides
Configuration and Programming Guide - Modero X Series G5 Touch Panels     5.26 MB Mar 29, 2018
Safety Sheets
Safety Instructions - Modero X Series G5 Touch Panels     102 KB Mar 29, 2018
Application Guides
AMX and the Perfect Meeting Room     426 KB Apr 12, 2018
Touch Panel Files
G5 Basic Drag and Drop Demo Touch Panel File (1280x800)     2.36 MB Jul 18, 2018
G5 Advanced Drag and Drop Demo Touch Panel File (1280x800)     2.55 MB Jul 18, 2018
G5 Supplemental Drag and Drop Demo Touch Panel File - Source Control (1280x800)     5.31 MB Jul 18, 2018
G5 Supplemental Drag and Drop Demo Touch Panel File - TV Favorites (1280x800)     6.77 MB Jul 18, 2018
G5 Listview Button/Dynamic Data Demos Touch Panel File     66.2 MB Jul 18, 2018
MXT-1001 G5 Landscape Demo Touch Panel File (1280x800)     5.95 MB Jul 18, 2018
MXT/D-1001 G5 Portrait Demo Touch Panel File (800x1280)     2.86 MB Jul 18, 2018

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  • G5 Graphics Engine and Quad Core Processing – The most powerful processing in the industry delivers smooth gesturing, swiping, dynamic reordering, enhanced animation with transitions all at higher speeds for an experience any user will enjoy
  • Simplified Enterprise Touch Panel and Firmware Updates – Deploy and update touch panel files and firmware files from a network URL for simplified company-wide updates
  • Built-in Web Browser, Document Viewers and Enzo Sharing – Conveniently simplifies accessing and presenting real-time content and documents during meetings. Simply preview files accessed via the native web browser, USB, or cloud storage apps before sending content directly to Enzo. An upcoming firmware release will allow apps to be updated or disabled using the onboard G5 App Update Manager.
  • Adjustable Security Modes – With the ability to select from high security or custom modes, administrators can customize the panel’s security levels for access, networking and communication.
  • Perfect From Any Angle – Includes In-Plane Switching (IPS), which delivers the widest viewing angles and the most accurate color reproduction on the market
  • Enhanced User Experience – The Modero X Series features intuitive UI functionality including: gesturing, swiping, dynamic reordering and enhanced animation capabilities
  • View and Select Dynamic Data with Listview Buttons – Display a listing of entries generated by a dynamic data source (e.g. phonebook contacts, call logs, RSS feed or other real time data sources) enabling the user to scroll or search to make a selection. Demos are available in the UI Resource Center

*Product Update Notice: Near Field Communication™ (NFC) and High Frequency RFID (HF RFID) will no longer be included product features for all AMX Modero X® Series Touch Panels, shipping on or after October 1, 2017.


Display Size (WH) 9.9" x 6.7" (252 mm x 170 mm), 12.0" (304 mm) diagonal
Viewable Area (WH) 8.5" x 5.3" (217mm x 136mm), 10.1" (257mm) diagonal
Resolution 1280x800
Viewing Angle Vertical: ± 89°, Horizontal: ± 89°
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Touch Overlay Projected capacitive, multi-touch support, 3 simultaneous max
Graphics Engine AMX G5
Front Panel Components Light Sensor, Proximity Detector, Camera, LED Indicators, Sleep button. See Data Sheet for details.
Power Consumption Full-On: 12.95 W maximum
Temperature Range Operating: 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C)
Networking Support for static/dynamic IPv4 and static IPv6
FG Numbers FG5968-47

Recommended Accessories

  • MSA-STMK-10

    Secure Table Mount Kit for 10.1" Modero S® Series Tabletop Touch Panel

    Modero X® and Modero S Series Multi Preview Live

    PoE Injector, 802.3AF Compliant
  • HPG-10

    3/4" Mini-Grommet

    Modero X® and Modero S Series Screen Cleaning Kit

    Gigabit PoE Ethernet Switch

    USB Port Covers for the Modero X® and Modero S Series Touch Panels