Modero G5 (MD & MT) Touch Panel Firmware v1.8.55

Last Updated: Oct 27

Build Notes
All AMX Modero G5 Touch Panels:

FG #: FG5969-35, FG5969-47, FG5969-49BL, FG5969-53, FG5969-55BL

All AMX Modero X G5 Touch Panels:

FG #: FG5968-35, FG5968-36, FG5968-37, FG5968-41, FG5968-42, FG5968-43,
FG5968-47, FG5968-48, FG5968-49, FG5968-53, FG5968-54, FG5968-55,
FG5968-55W, FG5968-56, FG5968-57, FG5968-77, FG5968-78,FG5968-79,
FG5968-80, FG5968-81

Firmware Version: 1.8.55
Build Date: February 1st, 2022

Device Id: Modero X G5 Modero G5
---------------------- ---------------------------
0x0196 MXT-2001-PAN 0x0202 MT-2002
0x0197 MXD-2001-PAN-P
0x0198 MXD-2001-PAN-L
0x0199 MXT-1901-PAN
0x019A MXD-1901-PAN-P
0x019B MXD-1901-PAN-L
0x019C MXT-1001 0x0205 MT-1002
0x019D MXD-1001-P
0x019E MXD-1001-L 0x0206 MD-1002
0x019F MXT-701 0x0207 MT-702
0x01A0 MXD-701-P
0x01A1 MXD-701-L 0x0208 MD-702
0x01D6 MXR-1001

Prerequisites: None

Changes since firmware release version 1.8.14

* Acendo Book panels support TLS 1.2 when connecitng to Exchange & O365 servers.
* Removed expired Trusted CA (System) Certificates on panels.
* Compatibility with latest Zoom Rooms Controller (ZRC) app, version 5.9.3
- including the ability to run the ZRC app in a window, side-by-side with AMX control buttons
* Android default browser security updates, including support for TLS 1.2
* Firefox browser update to incorporate security, stability, & features improvements
* Add ability to monitor the lifecycle of external app. This allows you to see which apps may be running on the panel:
- CUSTOM_EVENT [dvTP, 1, 1701]
- custom.text = application's package name (ex: org.firefox.mozilla)
- custom.flag
3 = app paused/stopped
4 = app resumed/started
* Add ability to extend VNC server timeout to 24 hours (1440 minutes).
* Add ability to specify zero (0) for VNC, for indefinite timeout.
* Resolved an issue where right-justified text would not align correctly on the right side of the button.
* Resolved an issue with online/offline events' generation
* Resolved an issue wehere Device info reports via Netlinx Studio ONLINE commands.
* Fixed Low SIP volume in calls on (new) Modero G5 panels vs. (older) Modero X G5 panels.
* Added ^TOP-3 command.
- This command allows real time X/Y coordinates and touch/release from the panel.
- It was available in G4 primarily for drag & drop, but also for some third-party interface control applications.
* Added capability to block NTP requests when time is set to "Sync with a NetLinx controller."
* Fixed inability to set static IP when not on a network with DHCP, or in a secure network
* Resolved issue where users could not use the "Add Account" button to sync the Firefox browser with an exisitng account.
* Resolved issue where no offline/online event would occur when loading a .TP5 file into Modero G5 panel.

* This firmware also incorporates other previous hotfix items, including numerous minor bug fixes & feature requests

New Send Commands in This Release

* None.

Migrating from G4 to G5

The newest Modero X touch panels are based on G5, the latest operating
system from AMX. Please review the programmer’s primer regarding G4 to G5
differences, located at G4 touch
panel files must be converted to G5-compatible files before use with G5
touch panels. Use the G4 Utility tool to convert panel pages from G4 to G5.
Refer to the Configuration and Programming Guide for Modero X Series G5
Touch Panels for information regarding NetLinx code modifications required
to support G5 panels.

Known Issues/Requests

* AMXCF-2062 Modero G5 panels: Panel cannot open a file larger than 90MB

* AMXCF-2063 Modero G5 panels: 7" display will exhibit jitter during the "AMX" logo at the beginning of bootup

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